Big Game 3 Win For Habs

Definitely solid were the Canadiens at Madison Square Garden on Sunday evening, with their 3-1 win giving them a 2-1 series lead over the Blueshirts, and it was a job done in impressive style.

Outshooting the Rangers 29-21, Les Glorieux stood their ground, skated miles, the defence and Carey Price shut the door, and New York ticket buyers rained boos down on their beloved team that lacked flow, mainly because the Habs made sure there was no home team flow.

The boos were music to my ears. Disgruntled New Yorkers, pissed because their team was outmatched by the proud CH.

That’s two straight wins for the boys after an opening game loss, no longer are they stymied in the neutral zone as they were in game 1, they’re on a roll with that magical momentum, and my heart soars like a pair of pelicans at the beach in Malibu.

After a scoreless first period, Artturi Lehkonen, on the power play, finished off a great sequence (Plekanec to Gallagher to Lehkonen), while in the final frame, Shea Weber, on another man-advantage, converted some nifty work by Alex Galchenyuk.

Weber’s goal proved to be the winner, but it wasn’t the final marker. Alexander Radulov danced in and extended his stick and the puck one-handed around Henrik Lundqvist, and the game for all intents and purposes was over. Although New York would pot one with 2:56 left and Lundqvist on the bench to make it a slightly more respectable 3-1 game.

A great win, the boys are rolling, Claude Julien seems to be molding them into a tight and impressive playoff club, and I think the Rangers to a man know they’re in deep trouble.

Their fans do, that’s for sure.

And at the risk of sounding smug, greedy, and obnoxious, it’s a beautiful thing when a team can dispatch the enemy in less than seven games. The postseason is a brutal marathon, and we don’t want the series to go long.

I’m not smug. If I can’t be a player or coach or stickboy, I have to do my own mental planning from a distance. And my mental planning means winning the series in five games, or at the most, six.

Next game – Tuesday in NY, at the normal time.



11 thoughts on “Big Game 3 Win For Habs”

  1. Still a bit of a rodeo but at least we’ve got home ice again! Gally’s pass was a thing of beauty and Chucky did some fine work but it was Radu’s stutter step and pass to Weber that sealed the deal. He then gives us a high lite reel goal WOW!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!

  2. Hey Mike, I sure can’t see Bergevin not deciding to sign Radu to a nice juicy contract. The guy is great – passionate, energetic, with good hands. What more can we ask for?

  3. Everyone played a complete game.
    14 more like that and the parade will be in the usual spot on rue St Catherine.

  4. What a nice game and a coach who makes adjustments to the roster after a win and not due to injuries. Wow who knew that it could be done, surely not eMTy . Go Habs Go!

  5. Right on, Dan. Julien changed things after they couldn’t break through the neutral zone in game one (among other things). I like this guy much better than MT. And he doesn’t seem hard headed like MT either. A nice change for sure, and I think Price is happier now. Feeling good about the team and hoping for huge things.

  6. Steve Ott might be an @sshole, but he’s OUR @sshole.
    And he’s driving the Rangers nuts!
    Here he is razzing Mats Zuccarello.

  7. Hi Danno. In his own way, I think Ott’s a pretty important player. I’ll take sandpaper toughness anytime. The Canadiens are a different team than before and I like it. Toughness and skill combined add up to a good team.

  8. Fans are talking about how the Habs played a great “road game.” That could not be any farther from the truth. A “road game” is where you play a very defensive game and hope to create turnovers to produce on the scoreboard. The Habs last night dominated from start to finish. The “perfect game.”

    Shane from Brandon,MB

  9. Great point, Shane. You’re absolutely right. It wasn’t a typical road game by any stretch. The New York media sure isn’t happy with the Rangers, saying the team is sluggish and they let the Habs come to them. Pretty proud of our boys right now.

  10. That kind of game will be hard to repeat. They must be ready for a huge pushback game from the Rangers who are taking a reaming from their fans, the media and the Pope. OK, I lied about his Holiness, but it’s Easter and I’m sure he’s not pleased..:)

    I think they will be ready though, because we have a coach who knows how to make adjustments and seems to be able to coax efforts out of the entire roster that help this team win games.

    Quite a ride so far..enjoy it, Habs fans.

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