Big Canadian Day, Eh!

For those of you in other countries, today, Sunday, is a big day in Canada. Grey Cup Day. The 100th Grey Cup. When Canadians from coast to coast gather to eat meatballs, dips and chili. They also drink a lot of beer on this day, which is never a good idea because most have to work the next day, and if they haven’t learned in 100 years, they probably never will. But Canadians are Canadians. Just a wild and crazy bunch.

This Grey Cup will feature the Toronto Argonauts hosting the Calgary Stampeders, and I don’t really have a favourite. Maybe the team with the best-looking cheerleaders. Maybe I’ll root for the Argos because Torontonians have the Leafs and I feel sorry for them.

This was a trophy donated by Earl Grey in 1909. He originally had wanted to give away silverware that represented the best amateur hockey team in the country, but that rascal Sir Montagu Allan beat him to it, so Earl had to make it football because all the good hockey trophies had already been taken. I’ll bet he was pissed when he found out Monty got there first.

Habs great Doug Harvey was a huge fan, and once played against the Argos as a member of the Quebec Rugby Football Union, which in the 1940s was part of the CFL. He said that if he had to choose between hockey and football, he’d choose football. The Canadiens would often find themselves playing in Toronto on Grey Cup night, and coach Dick Irvin warned the guys not to go to the big game in the afternoon because he didn’t want any of them getting colds and sore throats and all that. The fine was $500, and every year Doug would go to the game and then pay the fine.

Cure for the hangover? Okay.

This is a sure thing, and it’s taken most of my life to figure it out. Put your coat on and walk about nine kilometers (5.5 miles), or more. I don’t know why this works. Maybe it’s something about getting the blood flowing. Or crisp air getting into your lungs. But it’s the best hangover cure I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.

Random Note:

If your math doesn’t add up, that this is the 100th Grey Cup even though the trophy was donated in 1909, it’s because the game wasn’t played during the First World War years. At least I think that’s how it works.





7 thoughts on “Big Canadian Day, Eh!”

  1. Hey Dennis,I think the Grey Cup is a special event,Ive been to two of them ,last year in Vancouver and four years ago in Montreal.To me ,this is a true Canadian event,not having any other teams besides Canadian make it kinda neat.I don’t know when the Stanley Cup will ever return to Canada,but the Grey Cup will always be here.

  2. Toronto winning the Grey Cup is probably the best possible outcome for the CFL. Southern Ontario and especially Toronto is where the league needs to improve its fan base. But I just can’t bring myself to cheer for the Argos.

  3. Christopher, I’m leaning towards the Argos because John Candy was a fan. That and my divorce was in Calgary.

  4. Derry, it’s really special to so many. I made it to one in Ottawa in the late ’80s. A Saskatchewan fan had this lid on his head that blew out a flame about four feet.

  5. DK, I thought this was Canada’s game, so whats up with U.S mediators & not Canadian mediators. Oh what was I thinking, I forgot Buttman needs a google map to find his way to Canada!!!

  6. Mike, I think when they moved head office out of Montreal it was the beginning of the end. A baseball guy and a basketball guy pulling the strings. It’s not right.

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