Big Bust On Broadway

Rangers 6, Canadiens 2.

It was a game the Habs needed. A game they led 2-0. A game that would’ve catapulted them into seventh place ahead of New York.

Instead – six straight unanswered goals by the Blueshirts.

My wife sat with me on the couch and asked a simple question – What’s wrong with Montreal, and I can’t exactly answer it, because it’s what Danno said – this is a Jekyll and Hyde team. It’s a team that can play well when we least expect it and stink like a skunk full of beans when we also least expect it.

We never know. The coach never knows. The players never know. Even Pierre McGuire doesn’t know. Imagine.

Carey Price hasn’t been sharp lately, and tonight, Jaroslav Halak, who has been quite consistent this season, allowed six goals. We haven’t seen anything near an imitation of Jacques Plante and Ken Dryden lately. Maybe Andre Racicot, but not Plante or Dryden.

The power play has slowed, and like a kick in the groin, allowed short-handed goals in the past two games. The guys who were on fire – Tomas Plekanec, Mike Cammalleri, Andrei Markov, are simmering ashes, even with a Cammalleri goal tonight. Secondary scoring has slowed to a crawl. The team has become a disappointing and mediocre collection at exactly the wrong time.

Hey Bob Gainey, what’s the plan?

Random Notes:

Habs are off until Tuesday when they host the St. Louis Blues. Prediction? Hah!

12 thoughts on “Big Bust On Broadway”

  1. My god what a terrible game. No pride, no push back at all. This team is too small up front and to big and slow on the back end. I have no hope for this season, yet there is still a silver lining. Taylor Hall. If we keep the same players and coaching, as well as GM and President for the rest of this season, then I think we will at least have a shot at finally attaining that game changer we need.
    There are so many players on this team that just don`t care, ah, what is the use, there is nothing to be done now, lets just let it ride out for the rest of the season and hope that we don`t end up with a pick higher then #1 or #2.
    I had so much hope for this season.

  2. i have no comment or solutions. I actually changed the channel. This is their worse game since the canucks beat us in october. they seemed less than average tonight. We’re not a puck possession team. i’d like to blame someone but i think they all played shitty. i’d blame our leader on the team but we don’t seem to have one. Even markov has been very average these past few games. bye bye playoffs. Maybe time to find another sport. Hope tiger comes back so I can watch the Masters.

  3. Dennis, I woke up this morning feeling hungover but hadn’t had a drop to drink last night.
    Coffee in hand I reached for the morning paper and turned to the sports pages.
    Looking at the standings made for some grim reading.
    Montreal has only 50 points after 50 games.
    They sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with Philladelphia, Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay all breathing down their neck.
    What was to be golden opportunity to move ahead this weekend became a double-bill horror show on ice. First a mauling by the Sens, then a slaughter by the Rangers.
    They have 32 games remaining and will need at least 40 points to make it to the last playoff spot.
    That means they will have to win about 63% (almost 2 out of three) of their remaining games. Which means they will have to elevate their playing to skill to the level of Washington’s or Chicago’s.
    Can they do it?
    Mathematically is remains possible.
    And I also have a chance of dating a supermodel (at 88,000 to 1)*.
    This is the harsh reality staring us in the face.
    Numbers. Cold hard numbers.
    ‘Tis an ill wind that blows in Habsland this morning.
    And I have this eerie feeling that heads will soon begin to roll.

    For more probabilities:

  4. I’m going to try band stay positive about this, Puckgone. But really, they absolutely sucked and what is the reason. Maybe it’s the coach. Maybe they don’t want to bust through walls for Martin. Maybe they’re too small, you’re right. I only know one thing – they need to make a huge change. They’re going nowhere as is. What a frustrating bunch.

  5. Mayo, I never thought I’d see a worse effort than the Canucks game, but you’re right, last night was one. They were winning this thing 2-0, and then six unanswered goals? What the hell is that? I want to see a huge shakeup.

  6. Geez Danno, those numbers scare me. Winning almost two thirds from here on in? Not likely. Not with this bunch. I hope your gut feeling about heads rolling comes to pass. Maybe they should start with Martin.

  7. Dennis, it’s a little too early to throw in the towel or push the panic button, but we are quickly running out of time.

    They can still do it. But it will require a solid six or seven-game winning streak soon – like now – to make it possible.

    As they say, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings but…

    She’s on stage now. The spotlight’s on her. She has the mike in her hands and she just finished clearing her throat.

    And I know it’s no consolation to say there are lots of teams in the same boat as us. You know what happens when a boat is too full…

    For a rundown on how we fit in and who else is jockeying for a spot on the dance floor, an article from the Globe:

  8. Didn’t see the game,Dennis …but OUCH…… You should watch a recording of the Canucks whompin’ the Penguins on Sat. night. It could be painful if you are a Crosby fan, but not currently…… about your unanswered goals……. and the 3rd period where Sidney slides on his butt past Luongo after he fans on his shot……Go Canucks. Goaltending is a large part of a successful franchise and we’ve got that.

  9. Yeah, but Jan, Pittsburgh used a couple of inexperienced guys in net. And sometimes Montreal has goaltending. When they don’t have a hangover.

  10. All we need, Danno, is fire. There’s been none. No blood, sweat and tears. And that fat lady……..somebody show her the door. A winning streak of five games makes things good again. And if they lose, it’s not for lack of anything. It’s not asking too much. Imagine making three or four or eight million dollars a year and then playing uninspired hockey? Is that the coach’s fault. I don’t have any answers.

  11. Dennis, it’s just not right. We have the most passionate fans in the world and we deserve a team with a lot more heart. I wouldn’t mind so much if we lost but tried out guts out, but lately it’s like lots of guys are just going through the motions and have become nose-pickers waiting to be traded or whatever…
    One of the few guys who has shown passion and a desire to win on a consistent basis are Mike Camalleri and lately Benoit Pouliot. Most of the others do not seem to show much pride at all in wearing the big CH on their chests.
    Jacques Martin has to wake up this team and motivate them. Pass around the smelling salts, throw a chair at them do whatever it takes to light that fire.
    Oh well, time to tweak our good luck charms, fine-tune our pre-game rituals and hope for the best against the Blues on Wednesday.
    Let’s see if this is the beginning of that long winning streak we so desperately need.

    Go Habs Go!

  12. Danno, I don’t believe most of those funny probabilities, but the one below the supermodel really caught my eye. “Odds of being considered possessed by Satan: 7,000 to 1” That’s the problem, we’ve been cursed.

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