Big Afternoon in St. Hubert

An important event in my life just happened. Today I bought a new stick, a puck and some tape, put on my new skates, and skated around on an outdoor rink and took shots into the nets.

I learned a few things. Even after all these years I’m still a pretty good skater, my new skates are perfect, and probably because I have arthritis, the puck felt like it weighed ten pounds.

So now I have to buy one of those wrist strengtheners and make that puck lighter.

It felt sensational to be out on this outdoor rink. It was just me and a kid, bombing around, turning different ways, stickhandling, shooting.

Cool, crisp air, the sound of blades on ice and puck hitting boards.

I must have lasted a good 10 minutes before I felt like puking.

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