4 thoughts on “Bettman Blasted”

  1. Bettman always struck me as someone with a Napoleon complex. This idea of having only 6-7 people to “run things” when there are 29 owners is pretty outrageous. You know he’d surround himself with his cronies.

    This is just outrageous. I’d prefer someone with a real hockey background as the commisoner. Someone like Bobby Orr or Ken Dryden. Get rid of Gary please.

  2. Hey Dennis,Well I dont have to tell you my feelings on Bettman,this egotistical worm has ruined the game of hockey,both in the NHL and here in minor hockey as all the rule changes there seem to filter down into the younger leagues.I have watched some of these retro games on CBC in the past weeks,what a difference in the way the game was played,the game is never decided by who got the most powerplays ,I seem to enjoy this type of game better.

  3. The way hockey use to be run and played from the 80’s and back was awesome compared to the garbage we see today. Bettman has ruined everything hockey. If it was my call I’d grab that little squirt and give him the biggest boot he’s ever had.

  4. Toni, I’d be right beside you helping you to drop-kick the little runt. Bettman sure has ruined it for the fans. Maybe he’s put a few bucks in the owners’ pockets but he’s taken much away from everyone else. He’s also ruined the spirit of hockey. Thank you for this. Let me know when your ready to give the boot. And make sure you have steel-toed boots.

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