24 thoughts on “Bettman And NBC On The Same Wavelength”

  1. It won’t likely get to that but it would be the best thing for hockey. A playoffs without the leaf (again) and no US-based teams in the Finals would be real hockey fan FANtastic!

  2. Hey Dennis, Tell me again why there is so much anti-american thoughts floating around the world these days.You know something,that would be their loss and the loss of hockey fans in the u.s. They cant seem to keep their bullshit out of anything,maybe they can replace the hockey telecasts with a mexican cooking show or an old Lawrence Welk replay.More hockey for the people who apprecite it.GO HAB GO

  3. Whatever, Dennis…their whole friggin’ culture is soooo different. Their loss!What a N. America it could be if… the Americains would strive to be abit like us Canadians instead of the other way around! Think about that for a bit…
    I noticed that Cherry, last night was using at least the correct last name of your great goaltender (HNIC) altho’ he did have his own freaky pronunciation..
    Now go kick some penguin ass!!! And I mean it.

  4. having lived and worked in the u.s. for many years not to mention riding my harleys thru that great land all the time i have learned to appreciate all the good things the country has to offer. generally i love the people. on their own turf they are very hospitable and friendly even tho the average american does not know much about the rest of the world but that is the way they are educated or not educated. it’s not their fault the don’t give a flying **** about hockey. it’s not part of their culture. unfortunatly, a few assholes paint the picture for everyone else. we should be better than to paint all americans with the same brush. we know who the ASSHOLES are. they made it obvious.
    go habs

  5. Hey Hobo, Good thoughts for sure. Innocent people can’t be held accountable for the actions of a few idiots, I sure hope the rest of the world doesn’t think all Canadians are just like Stephen Harper and his band of misfits.

  6. Yet we pander to these jokers when it comes to scheduling play-off games.
    It would have been interesting to see just how much trouble the NHL would be in had the CDN$ not been as strong as it has in the last couple years.
    How is it that Bettman’s still running this league?? Well he & NBC can go piss up a tree, as far as I’m concerned.

    Come on Habs’ tie er up today, I know you got it in ya.

  7. Who cares about NBC…all I can say is…………..NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA…HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE. Darn…where’s that band when I need it!! Way to go Habs. I think we shocked Sid and his gang right Dennis.

  8. btw……….lived in the states since 1971 when i moved to Chgo from T Bay. Apart from most of the coasts and some larger cities in-between, the US is loaded with hillbillys stuck in 1950 mentality….but that too is changing (for the better) as the country gets blacker and browner.

  9. Dennis, can’t wait for your game summary. Habs are for real this year. I smell another upset!

    Welcome to Halak-istan!

  10. Now Bettman wonders why hockey doesn’t grow. I’m in the U.S. I would be devasted to not watch the playoffs if it were Canucks vs. Habs. I got cable JUST to watch hockey. Bad management from the top down.

    Hockey is not appreciated in the U.S. because: it’s expensive and only well to do families can afford the ice time, travel and it’s offered in elite prep schools/better surburbs, not the average school.

    It’s not on your basic t.v. like basketball, baseball or football. (No, I DO NOT like baseball or the Red Sox. Surrounded by Red Sox nation too!)

    I only appreciated hockey when I went to my first AHL game and wondered at the skill. Hooked from day one.

    Bettman should leave and let someone grow the sport. Yes, Canada deserves more teams and I was rooting for you to win the gold medal. It IS Canada’s sport.

    Go HABS Go.

  11. doug d, the Hawks will put up a good fight but it will not be enough to overcome Roberto and the twins.
    In the playoffs, it all comes down to goaltending and Luongo looked good in game one.
    I’m looking forward to an all-Canadian final.
    When was the last time that happened?

  12. Danno, I figure you of all people would know that…but I bet that Jordy Strueby knows…where are you Jordy??

  13. How can they get rid of Bettman? Are the owners responsible for him? Anyways, what a game the Habs played. They shocked me by winning without Markov. How is that possible? I guess that’s big depth. Imagine when they get home and the reception they’re going to receive. I wasn’t looking forward to this game today and now can’t wait til Tuesday. Best of five and 3 in Mtl.

  14. ’89 Flames over Canadiens
    ’86 Canadiens over Flames
    ’67 Maple Leafs over Canadiens
    ’60 Canadiens over Maple Leafs
    ’59 Canadiens over Maple Leafs
    ’51 Maple Leafs over Canadiens
    ’47 Maple Leafs over Canadiens
    ’35 Maroons over Maple Leafs

  15. hey danno, you’re right roberto was dialed in for sure.

    i don’t know if it was because the hawks just had a bad game or if the canucks just outplayed them that badly.

    we will see tonite who’s for real.

    but les habs are a different story! can’t believe this is for real!

    looks to me that sid the whinner is starting to believe that he is entitled or something

  16. Doug, Vancouver has a history of disappointing their fans so this series is far from over.

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