Better Than A Sleeping Pill

There’s not a lot to talk about. I just wasted two a half valuable hours on a Friday night watching the Habs go through the paces like it was a continuation of the morning skate.

The team, on a one-game road trip to Atlanta, lost 3-0 to the Thrashers, were outshot 47-25 in doing so, showed no life, no soul throughout, and for this game at least, they should do the right thing and not cash their pay cheques.

They also pulled this embarrassment off after looking like world-beaters two days ago against Los Angeles when they were sharp and looked they were interested, winning 4-1.

What a Jekyll and Hyde act the Canadiens are this season. After so many slumping guys getting back in the act against LA, and just when it looked like we could breathe a sigh of relief, they’ve now retreated back into the shadows of mediocrity. 

TSN announced during another game when I turned the channel for a second, that Montreal wasn’t doing so well in Atlanta with Alex Auld in nets, and they showed the second goal, one which maybe Auld could have had. But it wasn’t Auld at all to blame on this night. Are they kidding? Shots on goal were 47-25 for Atlanta.

And it goes back to the age-old adage – you can’t win if you don’t score. It’s just bad luck for Auld that they gave him a start when everyone’s minds were elsewhere, maybe on a beach in the tropics doing the hula with bronze-skinned beauties.

Pretty sad effort, I’m sorry to say.

Random Notes:

Nobody scored, everyone was asleep, and I spent half the game staring at an empty box I’ve got sitting in the living room to put Christmas presents in.

Next up – Buffalo visits Montreal Saturday night. We have absolutely no idea which Habs team will dress – the lively ones, or the ones in a coma.

11 thoughts on “Better Than A Sleeping Pill”

  1. Dennis, it was hocceus horribilis.

    After only 22 games, what is it about losing 3-0? It’s becoming a bit too familiar.

    This is the fourth shutout loss we’ve suffered. The final scores were all 3-0. We lost to the Devils, the Blue Jackets and the Predators before losing this one — again by a score of 3-0.

    We have also won four games by shutting out our opponents. Two of those games were also by a score of 3-0 (Senators and Flyers) while the other two were by a score of 2-0 (Cannucks and Maple Leafs).

    This tells me there are many matches in which a hot goalie is a key factor. Although Ondrej Pevalec did not exactly have a difficult time in racking up his fourth career shutout against us.

    Pevalec’s previous shutout wasn’t that long ago. It was against the Capitals which lost to the Thrashers by a score of 5-0 on November 19th. And Detroit lost 5-1 against the Thrashers on Wednesday. So we can take some comfort in knowing that we are not the only good team to come out flat against Atlanta lately.

    Bottom line is, the combination of our team sucking horribly and facing a really good goaltender explains the dismal outcome last night. Let’s hope Jacques Martin finds a way to convert last night’s chumps back into playing like champs again.

  2. Hey – Just wanted to let you know that I have linked you on my site and was hoping for the same. Keep up the good work….Sincerely – Rick @ A Winning Habit !

  3. Hi Rick. I’ve added your link. But I can’t find mine on yours. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

  4. The same areas of concern are there that were there last year. An aging and slow defence and generally undersized forwards that lack scoring punch. There are glimpses of hope and some players who are improved over last year but the team as a whole needs a major infussion of grit. I hate the Flyers but wish Montreal had some of the edge that they play with. Those that say we are fifth in the league overall so why worry are missing the big picture. The goal in this game should be to win the Cup and not just make the play-offs. It’s frustrating to watch or listen to the games when there is far to often what appears to be either a lack of effort or overpowering play by other teams. Scoring 11 goals in their last 6 games is an indication of a problem whether they won the games or not. Boston is another low scoring team and the system and games they play are boring to watch. Somewhere some-one decided that as long as you win who cares how the game is played. It makes for boring hockey and scores that belong in soccer. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Habs fan thru and thru but I want an exciting team to watch as well as a winner and what I see isn’t that exciting overall. I want a team that when it falls behind I know has a chance to catch up. The team is 0-7-0 when trailing after 20. Thanks for giving me a place to get this off my chest.

  5. Don, so well put. The goal is to win the Cup, not just make the playoffs. So what if we make the playoffs only. Is that a good season? No way. 16 teams make the playoffs – big deal. And we need grit like you say. All good teams have an edge of some sort. Even the Flying Frenchmen of years gone by had players who had that edge – John Ferguson, Ted Green, Bert Olmstead to name three. And the team isn’t scoring as you say and what is that? There’s lots of cracks in the Habs armour to be sure, and just because we’re up there in the standings a bit doesn’t tell the real picture. Really good comments, Don. Thanks a lot.

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