Better, But Still A Loss

It wasn’t boring, wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t a win. And because it wasn’t boring, and because it went into overtime before the Habs fell 5-4 to the Leafs, I suppose a certain coach’s job is safe for another day. His wife will be relieved. Or maybe not.

Still way too many imperfections. The Leafs hit four posts. The Canadiens pulled ahead three different times, only to blow it. Carey Price played a great game but still can’t grab that 100th win. Josh Gorges had the puck stripped from his stick that resulted in a goal, and it seems our Mr. Reliable has made at least one ill-fated play on too many nights of this young season.

In the end, after all is said and done, the team has dropped five straight and have lost their first four games at home.

So indeed the night was far from perfect.

But at least we saw some real fire at times. It was a colourful Habs-Leafs tilt, as they usually are, and we knew, unfortunately, that we’d see the Leafs play hard, as they always do against Montreal. But we needed the Canadiens to play harder and come out with a win, and it didn’t happen.

We saw some great goals, such as Travis Moen’s shorthanded marker, and a big shot from Mike Cammalleri that found the top corner. And as mentioned, Price did his job. But for the Canadiens, lively or not, it wasn’t enough and it’s all very tiresome.

So now what. Does anything change? We’re still bringing up the rear.

Random Notes:

The Panthers show up on Monday. I threw away my crystal ball a long time ago.

Shots on goal – 28-27 Montreal.

Hal Gill was honoured by the Canadiens for having played 1000 NHL games, and was presented with a silver stick by Henri Richard. Hal’s wife, mom, and kids were there for the ceremony, including their brand new baby boy whom we saw behind the team bench sleeping through most of the game.

Imagine, a great seat like that and he doesn’t even appreciate it. Some kids just aren’t crazy about hockey, I guess.

Of all 30 teams, only Columbus, with just one point, has less than Montreal.


27 thoughts on “Better, But Still A Loss”

  1. Wasn’t Carbo fired after a win? Just saying.

    JM’s nervousness behind the bench is hardly instilling confidence in some clearly frustrated players, and according to some reporters Cole was absolutely livid at one point. It’s hard to blame him.

    Our $4 million dollar FA acquisition was used to serve a too many men on the ice penalty while the 600K offensive threat Mathieu Darche enjoyed over 3 minutes of PP time, including during that one minute of 5 on 3 where the Habs did not launch a single shot at the Leafs net.

    Cole played 11 minutes total. He’s not an offensive threat. He’s rarely on the ice long enough but he was sure as heck trying his butt off tonight, hitting everyone in sight. I wish he had hit Jacques Martin while he was at it.

    In the post game presser JM’s response to why Darche was on the PP instead of Cole and replied that “Cole had his chance”. Not with the Habs he hasn’t, and he isn’t likely to get one either. If I’m Cole and JM doesn’t hit the road soon I’m going to demand a trade. How can he possibly feel after this tonight and being misused and maligned in this manner?

    This is the same Cole that Martin and Gauthier cited as exactly what the Habs needed when they signed him last summer, is it not? Big, charges the net, scores goals at even strength? The same Cole who has 43 PP goals to Darche’s 3?

    Sorry for ranting on your blog. I’m livid. Can you tell?

  2. Hobo’s comment got me thinking a scary thought. What if Montreal is in that phase where they have to rebuild for a couple years, and not make the playoffs for multiple years. I could not live through that.

  3. Hobo – probably some defenceman that we will pick while other teams end up picking future superstars. Naturally that defenceman we pick up will end up playing for another team.

    I said this on another board but tonight as I was watching the game I had to remind myself that Gomez wasn’t playing tonight. He is such a non-entity that you don’t even notice if he’s there or not.

    But this brings me to something: for two years now Gomez has been terrible (last year being the worst). While being terrible he has also had a bad attitude (remember what he did when PK scored the winning goal in OT last year against the Flames?). He’s seen laughing many times when he shouldn’t like that 7-0 loss to Boston last year and at other times when we were being beaten badly. He’s also skipped meetings and doesn’t bother to listen to the coaches during practice.

    His punishment? Lots of ice time and constant chances.

    Cole is in JM’s doghouse now for some reason and it’s believed that it’s because Cole didn’t show up in proper game shape at the beginning of training camp. I find it very odd that a no-good putz like Gomez gets treated like a superstar no matter what shit he pulls yet Cole is the bad one.

    If this is true (about Cole) I can understand being upset about him but to do this to him when Gomez is given a free-pass? What the hell is going on?

    So I guess our one win this week will be Florida? Even then I doubt we’ll do it since Budaj is supposedly playing the game. Wait till we get the Flyers and Boston. The way we are playing we may be looking at double-digit goal totals from those three games. They are going to kill us.

    Thank god Colombus exists or we’d really be a laughingstock. That will come by this time next week when we’re actually at the bottom.

  4. Some people are ranting about us now because of the hit on Reimer. They’re making Gionta sound like the second coming of Matt Cooke.

  5. Cole actually had the inklings of his breakout game for this team and…gets benched. That’s grounds for firing the coach right there.

    All together now: YA! KU! POV! (Bonus: he wears #10, and if he had flowing blond hair it would be fitting. Also him and Gallagher would be deadly).

  6. Some say Jacques Martin was condescending, disrespectful and patronizing towards Montreal TSN radio reporter Jessica Rusnak when she asked him why he played Darche instead of Cole on the power play.

    Seems like a fair question given that Cole was hired to score goals and has 43 career power-play goals to Darche’s three. So why would he openly criticize the woman’s credibility as a reporter by questioning her “research”.

    Here is the audio clip. Rusnak’s question to Martin is the second one to be asked. You be the judge:

    Some are saying Martin was wrong to be disrespectful towards her and he needs to apologize.

    You can contact her on Twitter @JessRusnak to let her know how you feel.

  7. DK, I also noted JM was sleeping right beside Hal’s son. What the F&?K’s it take to get Gomez & JM out of town!!!!

  8. Actually if I remember correctly…I think it was Pierre McGuire who suggested she ask that question. Too bad but I don’t think she had the stats to throw back in his face (Cole 43 pp goals, Darche 3 pp goals). Would have been great to see him work his way out of that one. And frankly referencing Carolina stats from last year is crap anyway. Eric Staal is currently the leader with the worst +/- in the League, would you cut his ice time?

    Oh and Cammy’s 4 pp goals from his first season here doesn’t remove him from the powerplay does it?

  9. Dennis, that tying goal by Kulemin, which sent the game into overtime, should never have counted.

    At around the 3:30 mark of the video TSN shows how the puck bounced off the netting above the glass behind the net and play should have been whistled dead.

  10. Martin needs to get his ass fired. There’s no passion in him whatsoever. He’s too relaxed when his team is in a jam like this. As someone said before, Jacques Martin is not a winner, and it’s starting to become obvious why that is. Because he has no control over his team and simply just doesn’t give a damn.

  11. A rough start to be sure. I think that the main problem with JM is he doesn’t seem to be communicating with his team much. I miss Kirk Muller, he really knew how to get players fired up.

    The whole team has just looked lazy tonight. They’re getting down, it’s obvious, and with exceptions like Moen, Cole, Subban and Gionta; who always seem to be firing on all cylinders; I think if the team showed a bit more effort we could have clinched that game.

    I still think Price is doing a fantastic job. Backbone of the team.

  12. Darth, this new trade involving a Finnish guy I can’t spell and another named Stafford doesn’t cut it. It fixes nothing. And if I was Cole, I’d be asking for a trade. It’s a shame.

  13. #31, I just looked up Yakupov and yes, he’d be a fine addition. They say he’s easily the best junior out there. Wouldn’t it be nice?

  14. Danno, yes, Martin’s answer I thought was condescending. And the first part of the interview was a bland as cardboard.

  15. Danno, yep, I saw that (the puck on the netting), and the announcers talked about it a lot. The hockey gods aren’t being good to us and I don’t know why.

  16. Phil listen to the link Danno sent of Martin’s interview. What a bland piece of cardboard he is. I’d love to know what kind of relationship he has with Gauthier.

  17. Raj, I’d take Crawford for sure. He can be tough, which is fine, and he has personality and experience. Definitely. C’mon Gauthier, make the move.

  18. Hi David, I agree that Price is the backbone. He’s just not getting a lot of help right now. And imagine, Moen is tied with Plekanec as leading point getter, and he has the most goals on the team – 4. What’s up with that? And Kirk Muller? Geez he would’ve been a good fit as head coach but I guess Gauthier felt differently. All I know is, there needs to be some major changes before they fall too far behind.

  19. Muller could never be our coach because he can’t speak French. We have that requirement here. Sigh.

    We need someone like Tortorella here but he can’t be because of that. Damn it.

  20. Yes Darth! Someone like Tortorella or Mike Keenan, who can really whip the boys into shape and doesn’t take bullshit from anybody. Martin is just way too nonchalant, which is something that just won’t work especially in a city like Montreal. Montreal’s been needing a coach who has that fire like Tortorella for a long time now. But I don’t know if the Habs will ever be able acquire a coach like that, but one can dream.

  21. Phil, a new coach doesn’t even have to be like those mentioned. As long as he shows emotion, sticks up for his players, gives them shit when needed, and knows how to run a bench. A guy like Dan Bylsma. Of course, I’ll take the no bullshit type too.

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