Bet The Bruins Don’t Have Their Own Prayer

I was going through the Bible today and I found a passage buried deep in the middle, somewhere between Genesis and Ecclesiastes. It was so inspiring I thought I’d share it.

The Creed of the Canadiens

I believe in the Canadiens, the club almighty
Creator of Heaven, earth and the Holy Flannel
And in Maurice Richard, our Saviour
Who was conceived of sane mind
Born for the good of the homeland
Suffered under Clarence Campbell
Was crucified for a bad decision
That almost killed us
And ascended into Heaven
And is seated at the right hand of the great Referee
>From thence he shall come to judge the good players and the cowards
I believe in the Holy NHL,
The Communion of old Canadiens heroes
The forgiveness of years without the Stanley Cup
The resurrection during the next playoffs
And glory everlasting.

From the documentary, “La Religion du Canadiens de Montreal”. Thanks again to Chris for sending.

One thought on “Bet The Bruins Don’t Have Their Own Prayer”

  1. Just beautiful.

    A tear dropped from my eye.

    Ok… I exaggerated but, still, pretty awesome verse, from a Habs bible, I would buy one, and if enough people prayed to the Lord Stanley, maybe the gods of Hockey will smile upon us, and hand us our 25th cup.


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