Bergeron Bails Out His Buddies. Habs 4, Georgians 3.

In my book, Marc-Andre Bergeron is a beauty. Sure he sometimes puts the puck where he shouldn’t, and sometimes gives opposing players gifts like he’s a major in the Salvation Army, and sometimes he falls over for no particular reason, but overall, the guy who can’t decide whether he’s a defenceman or forward once again blasted one home from the blueline which happened to tie the score at three with less than two minutes to go, and in overtime, he took a nice feed from Tomas Plekanec as he bolted in like Guy Lafleur, and won the darn thing for his team, making it Good Guys 4, Splashers 3.

Bergeron even looks like a good guy. The kind you’d let your sister stay out late with, maybe even for the whole weekend. He looks like he’d be happy to lend you money or change your flat tire. He just has a friendly face, but then again, so do many serial killers so you can’t really go by that.

He also may have hurt himself on the winning play but I don’t want to dwell on that now. Travis Moen may also be hurt, but again, now’s not the time for negatives.

It is, however, a time for questions.

How come the Habs continue to be badly outshot, like tonight’s 50 shots by Atlanta to Montreal’s 23? Why is that? If the Canadiens were the shooters in the warehouse at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, no one would’ve been killed. They don’t like shooting. But guys, it says right here in the hockey handbook – when you play the game, you skate, pass, and shoot. That’s what hockey players do.

Even Tomas Plekanec, who now has 40 points in 38 games, mostly just passes. And maybe Scott Gomez has a really lousy shot and passes so we won’t see his shot.

Bergeron shoots, though. He blasts away and blasts away, and sometimes the puck goes in, like tonight. C’mon guys, fire when ready, like my new favourite player Bergeron.

That’s a big two points, fellow Habs fans and Habs-haters.

Random Notes:

Raleigh on Wednesday to tackle the Hurricanes. Three in a row would be nice before the Christmas mini-break.

Habs now have 37 points, the same as Rangers and Florida, which puts them, sort of, in 8th spot, and two behind Boston, who are in 7th. And if you want to keep going, they’re three behind Ottawa who are in 6th.

28 thoughts on “Bergeron Bails Out His Buddies. Habs 4, Georgians 3.”

  1. I’m stupid. I dropped MAB right before the game started in my pool. Now i feel like a total klutz. Maybe i should pick him up again.

    I didn’t watch the game today, ’cause i overslept (don’t judge me, i need my sleep.)
    But all I know is that Halak saved us AGAIN, he should start on wednesday

    Super duper awesome fascinating fact: Tomas Plekanec is one point away from tying Ovechkin; who is in 5th place
    And 3 points shy from Sid The Kid who sits in 4th place.

  2. Hey Dennis;Hello from Regina where it is only -11 right now.I missed the Habs game tonite,was out serving dinnr to the homless and handicapped(a first for me but turned out better then i envisioned)I am proud of the boys in red tonite ,after being outshot the way they have been in the last games.They are taking way to many penalties Dennis,thats the bottom line.Great to have Andre Markov back,he is in my pool(we cant drop players)and was happy to see him return.Was on the plane with one of the goalies from Latvia,had a chat with him,nice guy…I wished him luck just not against Canada.Take care Dennis

  3. I don’t get why Bergeron is a defenceman. Was he a winger playing the point with the man advantage and his coach forgot to move him back up after he scored to end the power play? The guy’s a natural scorer.
    I see he also got a penalty for goalie interference. Now if only Lapierre would pick-up some this go to the net attitude.

  4. Bergeron could very end up being one of the most important guys on the team. They need him back on the blueline, no problem, up front, no problem, power play, no problem. Good for him.

  5. They really should just put him as a forward, he’s not doing much on the defensive aspect.

    Cammalleri on LW, Plekanec on C, MAB on RW
    That’s a crazy line; two amazing shots on both sides and a play maker in the middle. Do what’s right Coach Martin!

  6. When Hamrlik comes back, the defence is pretty well in place and Bergeron definitely could become a forward most of the time. I don’t see why not.

  7. Hey Dennis;Yes is the answer to your question,that’s how i got your website.I was on the ferry a we were going to savory island a couple of years ago.I was wearing a Carey p|rice shirt and you came over and talked to me about the Habs,giving me your card with your website on it.I really enjoy looking in on your site and reading the comments here.

  8. Bergeron is already the 7th D. I think he’s only playing the point for his shot during the power play. When Hamrlik returns, there will be a healthy scratch every game. With everyone else signed for next year, I’m guessing Mara will be shopped around.
    With Gomez between Gionta and Kostitsyn, we’ll have 2 real good lines. I’d rather keep Halak than trade him for a mediocre forward. There is the potential for a big blockbuster trade but we’ll be at a disadvantage because of our salary cap problems.

  9. Dennis weren’t you ever told that an assist is as good as a goal? lol I remember coaches yelling that out alll the time.

    I’m sorry but I don’t think Plekanec’s should ever shoot again! Gomez, Lapierre etc yes with you 100%. I’m more concerned with our defensive play it’s pretty scary to have that many shots on goal on a regular basis.

    As you know I am a Plekanec’s fan, Eric Engels wrote a good article on his stats here

    He’s up there with some big names which hasn’t happened a lot with the Habs this decade.

  10. Hope Bob read’s Engel’s article on the “Mechanic”. I’d hate to lose Plecs now that he is establishing himself as an elite player. So what if he’s not 6′ and 200 lbs? We kept Koivu as our number 1 center for what 10 years? In fact you could make the argument that Plecs could be the new captain.

  11. Dennis, Florida has 39 poimts but they play the Rangers Wednesday and if the Rangers beat them and the Habs beat the ‘Canes we will have a three-way tie for eighth place.
    Boston now has 41 points with only 35 games played; giving them three games in hand. (they play the Thrashers Wednesday). so we have a lot of catching up to do to catch up with Boston.
    And the Leafs are a mere three points behind us. They are up against the Isles tomorrow.
    We play the Leafs on Boxing Day at the ACC.
    All in all it’s shaping up to be a tight race to the finish…

  12. Derry, I had a feeling. But I thought it might have been the ticket booth. Anyway, glad you’re here and glad you enjoy it. I enjoy your comments.

  13. Chris, I’m thinking we need Travis Moen to get his ass in gear. Guys like that can be so important if they’re on their game. So far he’s only shown glimpses. Lapierre and Sergei as well. Imagine if they got hot?

  14. Thanks, Ryan. You’re right – Plekanec is a playmaker, not a shooter. You’re also right about our defensive play. Wasn’t Jacques Martin supposed to tighten that up? Gainey better get Plekanec signed pronto.

  15. Plekanec as captain? Never thought of that. But it’s a great idea. I think it would put him in a whole new level mind-wise. But what a guy. Last year he was so off and now look. He’s on fire. And he just keeps on moving up the scoring race. Thanks, Dishonest John.

  16. Danno, if we’d quit taking stupid penalties, especially late in the game, it might not be so tight. Penalties and shots on goal, for and against – these two things need to be fixed.

  17. Derry, I forgot to ask you. Was I working hard that day? Giving 110%? And don’t forget, if the boat started to go down, I’d save you!

  18. Dennis, you are right about penalties and shots on goal. Another thing we have to fix. The December 23rd jinx…

    Question -Did you know when was the last time the Canadiens won a game on December 23rd?

    Answer – 1945

    We are definitely due…

  19. Yup Dennis, Moen and Sergei need to step up too. Metropolit can’t carry the line by himself. I don’t even need them to get hot, just throw a few hits and hustle enough to keep the play in the opposing end. Take a few shots and some are bound to go in.

  20. Dennis, hmmm I was worried that we would be limited offensively under Martin (which we are) and that our defensive play would be boring(not at 30 or more shots a game against). So I ask you Dennis, what do we do now?LOL

  21. Ryan, I’m convinced we have to shoot, shoot, shoot, Even Plekanec. Everybody. And because Georges Laraque isn’t shooting, I see he’s falling behind in the scoring race.

  22. Dennis, I just wanted to clarify – the Habs have not won ON THE ROAD on December 23rd since 1945.
    They have however won home games on that date since but not on the road.

  23. Dennis, all of us here are tied with Laraque for shots on net this year. I think we deserve $1.5M too.

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