Bench Made By………..

With Saku Koivu and his Anaheim Ducks in town tonight, I thought now is as good a time as any to present the following.

You just might be surprised to know that the bench below, made from hockey sticks and which sits in the lobby of Classic Auctions, was made by none other than………..

Saku Koivu’s wife.



6 thoughts on “Bench Made By………..”

  1. Not made with composite sticks, I see!

    I wonder, how do you invite someone to sit on it?

    Perhaps, “Slap your arse down here” works!

  2. No Canadien sticks?

    I wonder if the stick boy who gave Mrs. Koivu all those sticks took good care of her? Handing sticks and taking care of wives are two special skills, very few have mastered both.

  3. Now don’t everybody jump down my throat for this but shouldn’t the logo go on the back rest of the bench rather than on the seat. I mean they don’t want the players to walk on the crest so is it appropriate to sit on it? (Not really serious here!)
    Hey Dennis I recently found out that a guy I play volleyball with has purchased some hockey stuff from Classic Auctions so I told him your little story and he thought that was pretty cool.

  4. D-John, thanks for that. I guess the oddest part about us moving to Montreal is we’re not exactly the right age to be doing something like that. But I’ve always been the adventurous type and it seems Luci is too although she never really realized it. (But she did immigrate to Canada so that’s pretty adventurous).

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