Being In “Les Canadiens” Magazine

 If you have number six of Les Canadiens magazine from the 1991-92 season, then you have a small story about me.

I was in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1991, right at the time the Soviet Union was falling apart, a mind-blowing and historic time to be sure, and I was visiting a bunch of serious Habs fans who had their own Montreal Canadiens Fan Club. We were at the president of the fan club’s apartment and we sat around drinking tea and talking hockey.

The fellow in the black San Jose Sharks shirt was my translater, and he was a Russian scout for first, the Sharks, and later the Anaheim Ducks.

That’s me in the middle, clean-shaven, with a serious sunburn. And unfortunately, the magazine made one little mistake. The picture of the fellow in the Habs jacket holding the puck isn’t me, although it says it is in the caption below. (It’s Anatoli Brel, who I went with to the meeting).

The story that accompanies the pictures says that “Dennis Kane is the only foreign member of the Canadiens Fan Club in St. Petersburg. As a boy, Dennis was always writing letters to his heros, Doug Harvey, Bernard Geoffrion and Maurice Richard; he still has their lovingly replies.

And then, one day, he came across a newspaper article about Anatoli Brel, a Russian fellow looking for a Canadiens fan with whom to correspond.

After six years of exchanging letters, Dennis decided to go visit his hockey pen pal and meet the fan club people who met once a month to talk about the Habs and bring their statistics up to date. “It was really weird,” he recalls. “There I was, thousands of miles from Canada, on a street in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), and there was this huge Canadiens logo in the window.”

Following that memorable meeting, Dennis received a letter officially confirming his membership in the Canadiens Fan Club…St. Petersburg Chapter! What more could you ask?

4 thoughts on “Being In “Les Canadiens” Magazine”

  1. i always envyed your travel adventures to the soviet union……….. i could have sworn i heard you in the background on radio moscow.

  2. “What more could you ask?” Sorry to rub salt in the wound, but I’ll go with stick-boy. Or owner which would be better for me so that I can get cushy upper management job.

  3. Dennis, there you go again…making Russian history this time!
    Go Habs in game 4

  4. Yes, Christopher – stick-boy. That’s the dream job. I’ll never give up my dream. And I’m shocked you think your upper-management job is going to cushy. We’ll have a lot of work to do – designating jobs to others to make sure the Cup stays in Montreal. You’ll never get that seven figure paycheque I was planning on giving you if you don’t put in some hard work.

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