Being A Grinch About Gomez

The title of the YouTube clip says “Scott Gomez Funny Interview.”

This interview, which can be seen at the bottom, has stuck with me over the months because when I originally saw it on a CBC broadcast, I thought it was not even close to being funny, was pre-planned and embarrassing, and basically quite stupid. 

Near the end, Gomez starts going on to Elliotte Friedman about wearing a green suit and the Grinch and all that, and as he walked away, which isn’t seen here, he peeks back at Friedman to see his reaction, obviously extremely pleased with himself for being one of the amusing characters of the game.

Gomez seems to have placed a large amount of emphasis on being a great guy. He taps opposing goaltenders on the pads after a nice save, smiles at inappropriate times – like when his team is losing or his teammates are in a scuffle – and doesn’t want to make waves on the ice. He wants to be the funny and interesting Scott Gomez. But in the meantime, he’s not helping his team, and that’s inexcusable.

I’m all for colourful characters in the league. Lord knows there’s not enough. I suppose it really started when helmets became mandatory and players began to look similar behind all the padding. Each year, before the season begins, players are instructed on how to go about an interview, how to say all the right things without really saying much at all. And yes, they’re scared, because if the wrong thing ever gets said and a ripple becomes a tidal wave, then things could go south for a player in quick fashion and there’s a bunch of guys on the farm biting at the bit to take his place.

So eveything and everyone is careful and it’s like listening to cardboard. And it’s why PK Subban, by being himself and a breath of fresh air, is looked at with caution around the league. He’s not like everyone else and no one knows what to think just yet.

But Gomez isn’t PK Subban. The act doesn’t seem to come from within the way it does with the young fellow. And PK plays with burning desire while Gomez doesn’t.

Here’s this nonsensical Grinch drivel which occurs near the end of the interview. Or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t find it funny.

Plus, as a bonus, a couple of others I didn’t laugh at either.

7 thoughts on “Being A Grinch About Gomez”

  1. True, not funny at all. Looks rehearsed. He spends more time preparing for interviews than practicing his shot. And at 33 or however old he is, ‘he’s trying to improve his shot NOW!!!!??? What a f***king jackass. It’s too late scott, if you don’t have it now, its not coming in a christmas present. That interview was in december and its february so I guess he stopped trying for a better shot? Waste of skin!!

  2. Yep Mayo, rehearsed and not funny. But I suppose he thinks it’s hilarious. And you’re right, a little too late to start working on his shot.

  3. Hey Dennis,I will mirror a little bit of what Mayo has said,working on a shot ?What the hell is this,unless of course he is trying out some kind of new mexican american shot that only happens at border crossings,sad try to be funny,get your shit together Scotty,the plaayoffs are looming.

  4. Not being funny at all here when I say I wish to God the Habs would just give in and bury him and AK46 in the minors if these two are going to continue on in this fashion and both seem untradeable. Laughing it up on the bench while your teammates get bloodied and your line is responsible for 2 goals against that would have meant a difference in the standings this late in the season? Unacceptable does not even begin to describe it.

    And Jacques rewards it the next night by playing them front and center. I’m beginning to think the biggest wuss on the team is the Head Coach. When your players disrespect you and their teammates so publicly, rewarding that behavior is just flat out stupid. I bet it sent a much bigger message to the team than anything the Bruins did.

  5. Maybe those smiles have sealed their fate, Tyg. I hope so. There’s a lot of backlash now about these two and both deserve any criticism that comes their way. I take it quite personally when someone’s not helping my team. I think most of us do. We definitely need a big showing tonight against the Leafs. And if Gomez and the othe guy plays soft again, I hope they get tarred and feathered.

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