6 thoughts on “Before And After”

  1. Congrats, but alas… as Bettman and the money hounds screw us, there is hope! The Bikini Hockey League has been posting player pictures on facebook all day. I think I have a new favorite team sport…

  2. I don’t think so, Mike. He waves his stick at people and smiles like he’s not afraid and all that, but I’ve never seen him drop the gloves per say. The guy hasn’t helped any which way.

  3. Gomez has had a few tussels – One with Saku but the most recent one was against Tom Poti (who hadn’t had a fight in 10 years) in The Washington playoff series. In that series Gomez had a 10 minute misconduct which was the last time he played with an urgency as a Hab…..

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