Bee Hive Doc Couture

Miraculously, I’ve found three of the remaining four Habs Bee Hives from group 2 (1944-64) that I’ve been searching for to complete the set of 73. (There are a few variations of players with dark or light backgrounds, and white or dark script, but I’ve decided not to worry about those).

The three extremely tough-to-find Bee Hives suddenly made an appearance on eBay not long ago, and away I went.

Today, meet Gerry “Doc” Couture.

Doc Couture played six seasons in Detroit, where he also posed for a Bee Hive, before being traded to Montreal for the 1951-52 campaign, and with the Canadiens, this Saskatoon native managed just ten games (one assist, four penalty minutes) before suffering a laceration that ended his year. Doc was then shipped to Chicago (for cash), where he spent two seasons before calling it a day. Doc also became a Chicago Bee Hive.

But he was a Hab and a Bee Hive. Immortality.

Doc Couture



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