Bedridden Howie

Seeing a picture of Howie Morenz in the hospital almost automatically conjours up thoughts of him breaking his leg in 1937 and tragically dying not long after.

But below is Howie in a Chicago hospital in 1934, after he’d broken his thumb in the final game of the season when the Hawks eliminated the Canadiens. It was also his last game with the Habs for awhile, as he was dealt to Chicago soon after.

Howie would spend a season and a half in the Windy City, half a year in New York, and then back to Montreal, where he belonged, until tragedy struck.

That’s nurse Dorothy John with him.


Below is Howie in 1937, not long before he passed away. His injury, from which he never recovered, was also against the Hawks.



8 thoughts on “Bedridden Howie”

  1. The tragedy was that he broke his leg playing against Chicago in January, 1937 and never got out of the hospital dying on March 8, 1937. A guy named Siebert was chasing Morenz into the corner and he caught his skate in the boards and Siebert fell on him.

  2. Thanks Don. And the complications from the broken leg, the fact that he knew his career was over, and all the stress combined, went with hockey lore that he died of a broken heart.

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