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I don’t know what I’d do without Danno. I sit here eating a hot dog and wondering why some people win lotteries and others don’t, and two emails arrive, first about a great tattoo in Fargo, and now a website I’ve never heard of and might never hear of if it wasn’t for him.

I owe Danno a case of my Really #&% Strong Beer and also a case of Stella Artois, which isn’t as good but I recently promised him Stella and he’s going to get Stella.

Have a look at this great-looking site with a wonderfully creative idea – showing the artwork and asthetics of hockey team logos and jerseys. It’s Icethetics, and it’s a beauty.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Site About Hockey Beauty”

  1. Here’s another beauty for you Dennis, check out Alex Auld’s new mask on HIO. It’s sure to score big points among Habs fans. I think it shows a willingness to embrace the history of his new team. Now if he could let the French media know that he is going to start french language lessons they’ll have him as the starting goalie by October!

  2. It’s a good sign, DJ, and it scores points with me. Nive lovely mask. It’s hard to imagine why any hockey player wouldn’t, at some point in career, hope to wear the CH and be a Montreal Canadien. Maybe the whole thing about the Habs is to Auld’s liking. I really hope he does well when called upon. We need him to play well.

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