Beatnik Should be Arrested For Attempted Mind-Blowing


Beatnik from across the street came over and gave me this Rubik’s Cube for Christmas.

I think he wants to see if I can blow my mind any more than it’s already blown.

Anyway, I googled Rubik’s Cube and there are different, step-by-step solutions to this thing, none of which make any sense to me, but I’m going to try and surprise both him and me by figuring this out somehow.

So very soon, when I stop admiring the beauty of it, I’m going to scramble it up and take it on. 

I’ll get back to you on my progression.

4 thoughts on “Beatnik Should be Arrested For Attempted Mind-Blowing”

  1. Hey Dennis,Thats a new twist to anlo puzzle,I was wondering though,do you think your unscramblig of this puzzle could maybe give Jaques Martin the motivation to unscramle the puzzle of the Habs losing streak.I dont think that his problem could be as difficult as the one you are about to embarck upon.

  2. Derry, sometime if you get the chance, google “how to solve Rubik’s Cube.” It seems really complicated, even though it says it’s the basic way. My little pea brain won’t be able to do it. I know it.

  3. It looks good now. For me the easiest way to solve a Rubik’s cube was to turn it in the wrong place, hope it came apart without breaking and then reassemble it.

  4. Gaston told me to do it. (I think he might have gotten into some of your f***** strong brew before hand though!!!!!)

    We’ll know if you’ve attempted peeling off the tamper proof stickers to put them on the other side so don’t even think about trying that solution.

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