Beaten In Boston

The Canadiens dropped their third straight Monday night, a 3-2 loss in Boston, and although they scored late in the game to make Bruins fans maybe even slightly nervous, it was a still a loss, the team goes nowhere, and Randy Cunneyworth is 0-2, which must have the Quebec culture cops rubbing their hands with glee.

I keep a paper nearby to jot things down, and this is what my barely legible scribblings read:

Petteri Nokelainen lost the faceoff deep in his own end, the puck was sent to Benoit Pouliot, who ended up beating Carey Price, which resulted in Boston’s first goal.

P.K.Subban sent out a blind pass, which resulted in the Bruins’ second goal.

Travis Moen gave up the puck to Tyler Seguin, who found Brad Marchand, and yes, this resulted in goal number 3 for Boston.

Other than that, I didn’t write much because there didn’t seem much to write.

All I can say is, I’m quite tired of dismal play, slumps, and disappointing results, and if this doesn’t change soon, I’m going to start blogging about something more uplifting, like highlights at the dentist office, or describing how the septic truck empties the holding tanks on the ferry.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec had Montreal’s first goal, with Cammy assisting. I guess it was too much to expect any more than that from these two.

Erik Cole, with 1:14 left in the third period, got our hopes up slightly but we knew our chances of beating Tim Thomas twice in a minute were slim to none.

Onward to Chicago to meet the league leaders. Oh well.

Montreal has scored 87 goals in 34 games, an average of 2.5 goals a game.

The Habs have won just three games in twelve.

19 thoughts on “Beaten In Boston”

  1. Watching the juniors should be made mandatory for the habs players for some inspiration. They’re playing an exhibition game right now and they are playing with 10X the heart of the guys we saw playing earlier tonight.

  2. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I don’t really see this team as cup contenders. Cole and Plekky are my two favourite guys right now and I’m glad I will have a few great years to watch them play. I think going forward they could take the team deep into the playoffs. But I don’t think it will be this year. I hope Pierre Gauthier gives some serious thought about what he can do with this club over the holidays. Can we turn the club around in time for the spring? Or is it time to look even further forward?

    Who on the team s dead weight, and how do we get rid of them? Who do we want back next year? And do we sign Price before the summer or during?

    TSN ran a piece discussing Roy as a potential NHL goalie and how he had patched up things with the club since 33 was added to the rafters. I’m sure it found Pierre Gauthier’s eyes.

    I will keep watching but now I’m not watching to see if we win, but how much do we lose by. How sad?

  3. David, you’re not being Debbie Downer, you’re being realistic. This team has shown no signs of being a threat so far. Dead weight on the team? Cammy’s been one. Gomez of course. Kostisyn can sometimes be good and often invisible. Darche doesn’t do much. Moen has been quiet after a good start. Gionta is ineffective. I could go on and on. But some guys have been good – Cole, Desharnais, often Max. Price for sure. Gorges leads the league in blocked shots. But this is not a contender as it stands.
    I’m nervous about the thought of Patrick Roy behind the bench. He has no experience other than junior, and he’s been known to blow his mind from time to time. And I still haven’t forgiven him entirely about bailing out on the team when he played.

  4. I’ve pretty much given up hope for this season. Even if we manage to make the playoffs we’ll be swept in four. Maybe we’ll win one but that’ll be because the other team took the night off. We’re going to have to write this one off as a “could have been”.

    We have one scoring line, our defence is weak, our home record is even worse than our road record (go figure), our power play is digusting, and we’re constantly being beat by our own stupid mistakes. We’re often our own worst enemy on the ice.

    What the heck is with all these bad passes? Come on. We make it so easy for the other teams. Just put someone in the middle because eventually a Hab will toss it right up there. That or just stand in the middle because someone will put a puck on your stick for you!

    Toe would go mad seeing this.

    I know we have a lot of games left but I can’t see this team turning it around all the much. Our scoring line seems to be the only one that really has any passion (Price as well, and Eller). Everyone else seems to be coasting. It’s like some of them have given up already and are just going through the motions.

    This is one of the worst seasons I can remember in a very long time.

  5. One of the worst I can recall too, Darth. I’ve learned my lesson about not getting too excited before the season begins. If only everyone were having good years, things would be different. But so many doing so little…….

  6. Darth is right, the team looks to be giving up. But I don’t think all is lost yet, it’s not continuous bad plays, just a few sloppy give-aways that always end up in our net. I hope Randy has a hell of a pick me up speech prepared.

    I’m a sucker of an optimist, I think Gionta holds the key. He’s one of the few that go to the net and then I’m hopeful that it will give Cammalleri some room to finally put the puck in the night.

  7. why roy? because he is french?………. no real coaching experience. maybe he would be good but it is really an emotional shot in the dark…………….. excellent idea dennis, let’s talk about something else.

  8. Dennis, how about some reflections on your beloved scrap book. That’s just the thing with Christmas around the corner. I would welcome hearing stories from you about the hockey gear you so wanted and what you received in past December 25ths gone by.

  9. I was hoping against all hope that we would see a dramatic difference in this team after Jacques Martin was fired but so far it seems pretty much like the same old song and dance.

    I was one of many who felt this team would finish high in the standings barring injuries. Now I have a hard time believing we’ll even make the playoffs.

    Sadly – unless something dramatic happens and soon – it looks like things are going to get a whole lot worse before they start getting any better.

    I hope I’m wrong but that’s how I feel right now.

  10. I don’t know if Patrick Roy will be a good NHL coach, however he has been very successful as coach/GM/owner of the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL. He is the Quebecois version of Kirk Muller before him, the under-qualified but with great potential to restore our winning ways. And just like Muller, until he is no longer available, he will be the first one named as the next potential coach.

  11. What Molson’s didn’t say in their statement regarding coaching is that they likely plan to hang Cunneyworth out to dry at the end of the season but would like to “Thank you in advance for your contribution to the Club and wish you all the best in your future endeavours”. (That’s the proper Corporate wording, isn’t it?). He happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time I guess.

  12. Chris, the idea of Patrick behind the bench makes me nervous. I think we need an experienced NHL coach, and one who doesn’t have a history of losing his mind like Patrick does.

  13. Beatnik, he did say in a way that Cunneyworth will be gone. From Geoff Molson – “It is obvious that the ability for the head coach to express himself in both French and English will be a very important factor in the selection of the permanent head coach.”

  14. I’m not worried about Cunneyworth’s future, it’s the team that I worry about. Even if he gets screwed at the end of the year this still counts as NHL head coaching experience and moves him up as a prospect for another team. And if he does better than Martin, it will count as a successful stint. All much better on his resume than being JM’s assistant.
    The close scrutiny and endless criticism of being a Canadien coach will make it difficult to bring the best to Montreal. A willingness/ability to withstand the ordeal will be a key determining aspect.
    Except for both being bilingual, Roy’s as different from Martin as it gets.

  15. I think if Cunneyworth does very well and he begins to pick up French, Molson will take into consideration his overall success. There are enough weasel words in Molson’s statement to allow him to keep Cunneyworth if he pulls off a miracle but still does not have full command of the language.

    “A very important factor”seems to allow some wiggle room. If Cunneyworth does amazingly well and picks up a few catchphrases along the way I think he will remain.

    But for that to happen the team has to win.

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