Beaten By Buffalo


Canadiens lose 4-2 to the visiting Buffalo Sabres after blowing a 2-1 second period lead.

More importantly, when the season kicks off in early May,  it’ll mark the 95th year for the Powell River Lawn Bowling Association.

I’m hoping to get out and watch some of the action.

In cricket play, England is on fire after Jos Buttler tallied 399 in game one against South Africa.

I have no idea how many games these two teams play, or what the series is about, or when they play, or what the rules are, but I’m excited anyway. And how bout that Buttler!

The English Tiddlywinks Association (ETA) informs us that the first adult version of the game began in 1958, so I truly feel I was there from the beginning and should be labelled a pioneer of the sport.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Buffalo 34-32.

I’m hoping you noticed how long it took for the trainer to grab a stick from the bench for Torrey Mitchell. Some of you are aware that I’ve been lobbying the Canadiens about the stick boy job for a long time, and without bragging, I would’ve had a stick for Mitchell much quicker.

Next up – Saturday, when Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers pay a visit.

26 thoughts on “Beaten By Buffalo”

  1. That bizarre moment when nobody on the bench knew what to do when Mitchell needed a stick summed up the season pretty well. And I thought of you right away when that happened.

    Another classic moment was that slow four on two Buffalo had into our zone with none of our forwards hustling to come back. What the hell is going on?

  2. Lawn bowling and tiddlywinks , I’m in ! Thanks for the inspiration Dennis .
    My new blues tune for your enjoyment :

    I don’t care anymore

    Could it be the magic is gone
    As we tank for the first pick ,
    Watching the highlights now
    Does nothing for me
    I only get sick .

    I was dreaming of a cup win
    It all started out oh so well ,
    Now I say who can care
    This season of hope
    Has gone to hell .

    Could it be the magic is gone
    As we tank for the first pick .
    Oh the liquor store is open
    and keeping stock
    is an easy trick .

    I was dreaming of a cup win
    And it started out oh so well ,
    Tiddlywinks it is now
    Cuz it’s no more fun
    At the Bell !

    Feel free to sing it to no particular tune , use your imagination .
    LOL …..

  3. Your song moves me, Joe. You need to be in L.A. or New York. Morinville is holding you back. Thanks for the song.

  4. Danno, that’s exactly how I feel. A quality stick boy is what’s lacking more than anything. Excellent that you’ve pointed this out. Thanks.

  5. If only it would’ve been under different circumstances, Mike. But regardless, hope the trip has been great.

  6. Thanks Dennis , as the old saying goes ” Laughter is the best medicine ” . As for L.A. or New York I doubt it , too much potential for trouble . Nyuk nyuk !

  7. Dennis, send Guy Boucher your stick-boy application. Include all the plans how as a bonus you’ll keep the wives and girlfriends busy so they won’t be a distraction. Therrien will be fired the week of April 11 and Boucher will be hired after a token search. He’ll make hiring you a condition of his acceptance.

  8. Thanks Googaly. I had to Google Petangue and I see that it’s an excellent sport that could have serious drama and passion involved. I’m going to get a Petangue t-shirt made.

  9. Thanks Googaly . Maybe the Habs would do well at petanque as that hockey thing isn’t working too well for them these days.

  10. The stick boy was too busy replying to a text message..the message he was thumbing out was “dis team suks wtf..btw did u see the new lfs logo?”

    Hey Joe…great prose.

    Somehow…sometime soon heads have to roll!

  11. Anyhow, they better take care of Cary Price. that’s all I got to say. I saw that video as well, at least twice. There’s some bad stuff going on there, some bad karma being heaped up here.

    And yes, the twiddly winks made me laugh too, thanks!

  12. DK, as Danno said I thought of you when the stick thing happened, Christ even those dolts are incompetent. That video of Price sent shivers down my spine, any attempt by the CH to play him this season would be a crime!
    I feel for you Mike, I don’t know how many times I drove the five hours only to watch the dummies lose. Hope you at least were able to eat mass quantities of smoked meat savoured with an icy brew or two. 🙂

  13. Just seen video of Price skating….my god

    Shut him down, get him under the knife ….
    and grab one of the super junior prospects in June … best for Habs future …free advise from a long sufferer of bad management …

    1 Matthews, Auston C 210
    2 Puljujarvi, Jesse RW 203
    3 Tkachuk, Matthew LW 195
    4 Laine, Patrik LW 209
    5 Chychrun, Jakob LD 215

  14. Finally found an article contrasting goalie injuries from my old school stand up goaltending style to today’s butterfly style. This is why I am so concerned about Carey Price’s injury. Can you sustain this type of injury and possibly never re-aggravate if you continue to play the same style? My goalie career ended as a result of surgery to repair my right shoulder after it continued to dislocate. I can tell you it never dislocated again but at the same time I lost about 45% of my motion because they had to screw it down so tight!

  15. What a great point, Pat. The butterfly style may never heal some leg injuries. Interesting about your shoulder problem. Never dislocated again but never the same either. What if this is the case with Price?

  16. Bill, Price looked much better today. Maybe they’re screwing with our minds for whatever reason.

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