Be Strong, Shania

For future Habs bloggers out there, when you’re waiting for draft day to come and the next Gomez to go, when days are long and winds are warm, when you hear the Beach Boys on classic rock radio as you mow the lawn and think about beer but have to go to work soon, you can do this:

Put up a solid standby, like Shania Twain:

It’s quick, it’s easy, she wears nice clothes, she’s a Timmins girl, and she’s good lookin. Sadly and almost certainly though, she’d probably try and seduce me if we ever met but I’d have to tell her I’m a happily-married man and I’m sure she’d take it hard, like a Joe Frazier punch in the gut. It just wouldn’t be very good. So Shania, if you’re listening, we have to keep our distance although I know it would be practically impossible for you, as impossible as Bob Dylan singing La Boheme, or the Leafs kissing Lord Stanley’s mug.

Be strong, Shania. Forget about me. You’re better off with your husband. I can’t be tamed.

10 thoughts on “Be Strong, Shania”

  1. Must be tough going through life leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you Dennis 🙂

    To all the fathers who raised Habs fans, we salute you!

    Happy Fathers’ Day!

  2. She does look mighty good in that outfit. Those shorts are something else.

    Dennis, is there anything you can’t do?

    There’s some rumors here that Therrien, Bergevin, and Gomez have a meeting this week. Let us pray it’s to give him a one-way plane ticket out of here!

  3. Yes she is a mighty fine example of female perfection. That outfit, those abs, the hair, and pretty much any of her videos is…damn I’m drooling on the keypad again! Man I hate it when that happens! 4 days to number 3!

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