Battle of the Blades Has All Skaters Looking Good

Battle of the Blades went well tonight, with all skaters and their partners getting it done in fine fashion. Judge Jeremy Roenick noted that Georges Laraque has the biggest butt he’s ever seen in figure skating and what a big son of a gun BGL is when you see him in normal clothes. Georges threw his little partner around like she was about ten pounds.

Other ex-Habs in figure skates – Patrice Brisebois, Russ Courtnall, PJ Stock (20 games with Habs), and Valeri Bure all performed well, as did Todd Warriner, Theo Fleury in eye liner, and Kelly Chase, but frankly, I was too busy noticing their beautiful and curvy partners to really focus too much on them.

One thing’s for sure – these ex-players have a lot of balls to be doing this.

One thought on “Battle of the Blades Has All Skaters Looking Good”

  1. I don’t remember which one said it, Hull or Roenick, but one mentioned how Laraque was a reluctant fighter. That was old news as anyone who watched him float those last two years already knows.

    It was good to see what a few years idle can do to pro athletes. Courtnall and Fleury have developed beer guts. But Fleury’s make-up was just creepy.

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