Basking In The Afterglow Of The Big Win Against The Devils

Just for the helluvit, my wife and I are in Bellingham, Washington at this very moment basking in American northwest life. Meanwhile, the Montreal Canadiens are basking in their tremendous 4-0 win over Martin Brodeur and his New Jersey Devils. It’s a quiet time. A nice time. It was a huge win, and a convincing win. If only the Habs had played like this against Anaheim a couple of days ago. 

It’s a long day leaving Powell River. It takes two different ferries, which means waiting and all that. But it’s warm, there’s no snow, and I don’t have to drive trucks anymore.

But from time from time, a little road trip works wonders for the soul. So now it’s Bellingham, Washington.

All I can do now, as we wait for the Senators, is pass on important hockey words, words that put it all in perpective, words from the extremely quotable and smart and colourful Toe Blake, a man I’ve quoted before and will quote again. Toe explained what hockey is.  Are you ready?

“Hockey is a very simple game,” said Toe Blake. “It’s played in two V’s – one moving away from our net, and the other moving toward theirs.”

2 thoughts on “Basking In The Afterglow Of The Big Win Against The Devils”

  1. While you’re gone, I’m having trouble finding the remote for the 52 incher. Where do you usually keep it?

    BTW: The old Forum seat has made nice kindling.

  2. We’ll it appears you forgot to give the boys a compass to steer their ship. They seemed to have lost sight of where “V” other goal was. Olay Olay Olay Olay.

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