Basic Expectations For Marc-Andre Bergeron

What a great story it would be if the Habs newest member, Marc-Andre Bergeron, in his first game, makes a big impact, improves the power play, and leads his team to a huge win over the Atlanta Thrashers. He has a chance to become a star overnight, the toast of the town, just what the doctor ordered, all after just one game. 

Of course, not to put any pressure on him.

12 thoughts on “Basic Expectations For Marc-Andre Bergeron”

  1. i’m not expecting great things from him, but i’m just hoping he doesn’t screw up.
    But as you said, he can also be the hero

  2. I think he should improve the Canadiens offensive flow….

    If he did play a great game tonight… and the media pump him up… I’m sure that when he would go through an “average stretch” that it could sour a bit.

    Things are always so up and down in some media.

  3. Does Bergeron have much D in him …. Montreal cannot sacrifice defense considering their lack of scoring lately…..

    By the way where do you Habbies think the Canadiens will finish … In the playoff’s and how high or joining the Leafs for early summer golf ….

  4. If he manages to bring what Schneider brought, it will help a lot. If the boys manage to improve the PP and win tonight, it will boost morale. Right now we’re snakebit 5 on 5. the PP sucks, goaltending is lukewarm. A couple of PP goals could go a long way.

  5. I think Bergeron should help the habs. Hes one of the fastest players in the league and its not uncommon to see him rush the puck end to end. He also has a cannon for a shot that has been clocked at 103mph ( this was during his stint in edmonton while participating in a team skills competition). The only knocks on Bergeron are his size, hes only about 5’10 and weighs in around 195 pounds and he also seems to have a tuff time playing a full 82 game season due to injuries. Bergeron is no andrei markov but hes probably good for 30-35 points and like Yves said he should improve the offensive flow of the habs.

  6. Leaf Fan In Ottawa – Of course we’ll finish high and probably win it all. And the other thing is, you seem like a decent, normal, intelligent guy. Why don’t you just become a Habs fan? You’ll like it! Try it for a year or two at least. You won’t regret it.

  7. Me a Canadien fan … Never could happen ..I am an old guy who grew up with the 4 Cups the Leafs won in the 1960’s

    And like I said before my brain has be fried out through the years…Now I am simply a walking Zombie Leaf fan ….forever to search for the new Keon , Sawchuck & Horton…. Speaking of Horton I suddenly crave a donut …

    2-1 shoot out win for Canadiens ,,, fast team you have…

    Question…. is Halak starting next game ???

  8. Bergeron played well tonite as did all the Habs,was impressed by Gomez’s line,they showed alot of speed and puck savvy,Halak played well.It waqs nice to see the Habs do well.

  9. To Leaf fan in Ottawa; yes they should definitely put Halak in nets against the Isles and if he remains hot keep him in. He played an excellent match and earned the right to stay in.
    But who will actually start? Unannounced so far, to my knowledge…

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