Bash Those Bruins

Huge game tonight in Boston with the Canadiens looking to end the Bruins 12-game win streak, grab a nice couple of points in the process, and show the Bruins and their fans that if they happen to meet the Habs in the post season, it might not be all that much fun.

The Canadiens beat the Bruins 2-1 in Montreal on December 5th with Carey Price in goal. It was also near the end of a red-hot stretch that saw the team take nine of ten games.

The gang also beat the Bruins in Boston on January 30th, this time with Peter Budaj in goal, and it was a night when they put it all together in impressive fashion. The DD, Patches, Gally trio skated miles, Michael Bournival was flying, Alexei Emelin and Milan Lucic were like two big bulls pounding each other in a ring, Rene Bourque had a ton of shots like on Saturday night in Toronto, Tuukka Rask was yanked midway through, and at the end, Bruins announcer Jack Edwards couldn’t stop crying.

Things would change on March 12 when the Bruins won 4-1 in Montreal, again with Budaj in goal. I distinctly recall that night being quite a bummer. Jack Edwards had an accident in the booth and had to borrow pants from an usher.

Now it’s the fourth and final meeting of the two, and I’m not crazy about this 12-game Bruins winning streak those rascals are enjoying. I like it so much better when Bruins fans are miserable.

Big game and as you can see, if you plan on going it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.


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  1. I don’t even necessarily “need” the Habs to win tonight. What I want to see is a level of “compete” that we did not see when the teams met up on March 12. A 3-2 loss in overtime would be more than acceptable and it would tell the Bruins, “Hey, if we meet up in April (or May), this won’t be a walk in the park for you guys.”

  2. Were we a better team than them in the standings back in December and January? What did we do to win? Speed? Stay out of the box? Also, Imbpticing that Boston is not much of a fighting team this year (fans probably miss that kind of hockey) and maybe this is leading them to success. Also I think Rask is one hell of a goalie.

    However, I’m going to predict we win tonight.

  3. We were in the top of the standings fighting it out with Pittsburgh at that time, Marjo. Back then Eller for example was really contributing. Not so much now. Boston’s been so consistent over the last five years or so, always icing contenders with a nice combination of skill and toughness. But they’ve always had one nemesis – the Habs! So I’m going with your prediction – Habs tonight!

  4. Yes Ian, a great effort is the main thing, I agree. Make a statement. But a win would be so nice and can’t wait for tonight. Love this time of the season.

  5. I am in Boston to visit my daughter and take her to tonights game. I flew out of Plattsburgh and met 4 guys from the south shore of Montreal who are in town for the game as we’ll. One of them sadly was a Bruins fan but such is life. Early flight home tomorrow to work then off to Bell Center for Tuesday nights game. Good week for me I get to see my daughter and have best seafood in New England then back to back Habs games. Go Habs Go!!

  6. You’re a lucky man, Dra. Sure hope the Habs are impressive for you being there and the rest of us in front of our TVs.If anything happens out of the ordinary regarding fans there, please let me know.
    Have fun.

  7. Was on Stanley Cup of Chowder website and they are hoping that Murray gets a ton of ice time. Every team and fan base in the league knows this guy skates slower than paint dries. Why doesn’t M/T get this yet? Nice guys do not finish 1st. If he must play then limit his time please and don’t anchor P/K with this dead weight.

  8. I am looking forward to hearing Rene R. sing the anthems in Boston tonight. Should be fun to watch him rev up their fans like we have done lately with fans singing anthem at Bell Center.

  9. They beat us 4-1 last time so it seems logical we would return the favour tonight. So I say: 4-1 Habs. Sounds good?

  10. nem·e·sis
    noun: nemesis; plural noun: nemeses
    1. the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall. “the balance beam was the team’s nemesis, as two gymnasts fell from the apparatus”
    synonyms: archrival, adversary, foe, opponent, arch enemy

  11. I’d appreciate some of P.K.’s dipsy-doodles in the Bruins end plus all his butt bashers he can line up!And a few good Ka- Boomers from Emilen to get him [and me].. into the game. Weise can be on fire too–in fact,they all could be on fire tonight— good remedy for my toothache!!Heard so much about the Leafs my jaw hurts today.DD almost hurt Phaneff’s jaw Sat. nite also. Good for him to stand for his linemate. Is it 7:30 yet?P.S– I’m not looking for fights per say, but standing up for your mates is important and some grit never hurts. We been pushed around too many years!!

  12. I GET THE GAME ON TSN !!!!!!!!!My toochache is diminishing rapidly!!You may hear our TV in Hamilton Christopher[if your still there].

  13. No Peter, I’m now in the the city that got the expansion hockey team that Hamilton deserved; the land fun forgot, aka Ottawa. Home to the incompetent ownership that located an arena 30 minutes out of town, and now complain that there’s no walk-up crowds. Or complain that more Canadiens fans make the 2.5 hour trip from Montreal than the 30 minute trip from the city.

  14. Your closer to the Bell Center then some of us Christopher, so hang tough in semi-Hab land. Our Emelin is back as a train wreck AND a goal scorer. My toothache is history!!

  15. Budaj was just outstanding. That had to be the hardest two points the Habs ever earned this season. They played almost an entire game with only three lines, never gave up and survived the battle to win two great big beautiful blood-soaked points.

  16. You said it perfectly, Danno. And we deserved those two big points for battling so hard. The big downer was listening to PJ Crock on L’Antichambre. Good God.

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