10 thoughts on “Baseball Boys”

  1. The Rocket suiting up for Lachine’s baseball team the place where I grew up on the Island……..

  2. Rick, we sold a trio of Rocket’s baseball things at Classic Auctions awhile back and one was of him in his Lachine ball uniform. It looks to be about late 1940s but I’m going to try and find out.

  3. Thanks Dennis. You my friend are awesome. My brother and I are named after Maurice Richard, he is Maurice and I am Richard. We have a friend who just purchased the only baseball glove Rocket ever owned with a letter in Rockets hand writing stating that fact. So we know he played for the Drummondville Cubs in 1947 but cant seem to pinpoint when he played for Lachine. Thanks for all your help.

  4. The Fellow Who Bought The Rocket’s Baseball Glove Was On TSN 690 Radio A Couple Days Ago & Brought In Some Of His Baseball Collectables To Discuss On Air…..

  5. Rick, I asked around at Classic and although no one has a definitive answer, they all seem to be in agreement that it was in or around the late-1940s.

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