Barilko TV

Bill Barilko was more than just a hard-hitting defenceman for the Toronto Maple Leafs who scored a famous overtime goal against the Montreal Canadiens in 1951, died in a plane crash in Northern Ontario, and became the subject of a Tragically Hip song.

No, he and his family were in the TV, radio, record players, appliances, and sporting goods business in Toronto.

My thinking is, televisions were very new and very rare in and around 1950, and if they wouldn’t have been so rare, maybe Barilko would have made a million bucks selling them and retired from hockey before 1951 as a wealthy man and the Canadiens might have won that series while he sat in his condo in Miami Beach, smoking cigars and watching the girls go by. But no, he played and he scored.

So I blame television on the Habs loss.

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