Barch Given A Game For PK Slur

Florida’s Krys Barch has been given a one-game suspension for saying something not very nice to PK Subban. Barch at the time was handed a game misconduct after linesman Darren Gibbs overheard what came out of Barch’s mouth.

Sources tell me that Barch yelled “Hey PK, Plekanec says your mother wears army boots and you fall down too much.”

Certainly this kind of talk is unacceptable, and I feel Barch deserves more than one game.

10 thoughts on “Barch Given A Game For PK Slur”

  1. Krys Barch denies his remarks were racist in nature while one unnamed member of the Panthers says he used a “bad choice of words.”

    The following article by George Richards cites two unnamed sources who describe the offensive remarks Barch made to Subban before he was thrown out of the game.

    From the Miami Herald:

  2. Danno, I honestly feel Barch didn’t mean things to come out as racist. He phoned PK and explained, and many other guys apparently phoned PK as well to say that Barch isn’t like that. All kinds of things get said on the ice, stuff, like he says, that little kids shouldn’t hear, and that’s all it was. PK didn’t seem offended one bit. As long as the N-word doesn’t come up or anything hateful like that, then I think it’s game-on as far as trash talk goes. The things that used to be hurled at the Rocket were terrible and unacceptable, but in this case, I believe it was just unfortunate. No player, I’m sure, would want to branded as racist, and I’m sure Barch is a fine fellow.

  3. It probably was a bad choice of words at the worst possible time. I think we’ve all been there at least once in our lives where we’ve said something that just came out the wrong way because of the timing of it. I know it’s certainly happened to me more than once. I didn’t mean anything by what I said, but was it ever taken the wrong way.

  4. Exactly right, Darth. That’s how I feel about it too. I’m the first to admit that I’ve put my foot in my mouth way too many times over the years. And on the ice, they trash talk as much as they spit.

  5. Chris, it was my attempt at humour. I don’t know what Plekanec or PK said but it would make for some fun thoughts. But the army boot thing was what we’d say when we were kids.

  6. Since I hadn’t seen any mention of the fight here I was unsure if you had seen it. I thought it was just a coincidence that you named Plekanec . Sorry I should have known better. Although I like subtle and don’t much care for slapstick, sometimes I do need to be hit over the head.

  7. Chris, I decided to not mention the fight because this sort of thing has happened for a century, especially when things aren’t going well. I look at it as a good sign, and look how they played after that. I like the intensity of a fight in practice.

  8. racism isn’t what is said. It is how it is perceived. If PK is ok with what whatshisname said, then leave it alone. Has nothing to do with us unless PK thinks it is an issue.

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