Barack Obama Postpones Swearing-In Ceremony. “Mats Sundin Is Playing That Night,” He Explains

President-elect Barack Obama has announced a delay in his swearing-in ceremony to become the 44th President of the United States. “I should have checked earlier” he told reporters from his home in Chicago, “but on January 20th, Mats is playing in San Jose. And what`s more important, me being sworn in as President, or Mats Sundin playing hockey?”


In related news, with the announcement that Mats Sundin had indeed taken to the ice finally, the Taliban have laid down their arms, a ceasefire was agreed to on the Gaza Strip, stocks rose on Wall Street, the bus strike in Ottawa ended, George Bush got a little smarter, and the world in general has become a better place. 



3 thoughts on “Barack Obama Postpones Swearing-In Ceremony. “Mats Sundin Is Playing That Night,” He Explains”

  1. Strange reports out of Dallas talk about the mysterious disapearance of Sean Avery.
    ‘He just vanished into thin air, right in front of my eyes!’ says an undisclosed source. Time of the incident appears to coincide with Canucks-Oilers game puck drop.
    ‘The world is now a better place’ states Gary Bettman in a press release.

  2. Presto–it’s all about CHANGE. I wish all this were true………….what IS true tho’ is how long-winded the Habs fans really are. Good luck in Washington and in Bruinsville—you’re on a roll……just watch out for Avery re-appearing in the stands(right behind the penalty box)

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