Balsillie Thwarted. And If I Can’t Own The Habs, Then Somebody Good Should

The Jim Balsillie/Phoenix Coyotes/Hamilton saga may or may not be dead, Judge Rejects Balsillie, but the beat goes on in Montreal. 

I don’t care who buys the Montreal Canadiens, as long as he or she or they, are honest, non-meddling, upstanding folk who understand the history and the importance of the Montreal Canadiens, maintain and continue the great tradition, don’t have any gangster friends, and hopefully really like Canada. I also like idea of the owner being from Quebec and is Quebec-based. Although rich guys from the other nine provinces are a great second choice.

A Quebec owner would get it, I think. The whole Habs thing. And of course he’d have primo seats at the Bell Centre, and a private box. If he’s single and bringing a date, he might want the private box. But he has to understand that he’s basically just the money guy. The Montreal Canadiens belong to all Habs fans everywhere. He’s just kind of opening his wallet quite often. And he’s paying really capable hockey men to run the club for him.

I don’t care if the owner’s a woman, an entertainer, an ex-player, a beer guy, or simply a very rich business person who comes out of the woodwork. Hopefully there’s no shady past, and it would be good if he went to church and kissed little babies. But please, no meddling.

It’ll be nice when the selling and buying of the Montreal Canadiens is done, the papers are signed, and we move on to those who wear the sweater.  I hope the new owner’s a good guy (or woman), is salt-of-the-earth, makes lots of money, the players are well treated, stars from elsewhere actually want to play in Montreal, and everything’s all peace and love on this upcoming 40th anniversity of The Atlantic City Pop Festival and Woodstock in July and August.

And Jim Balsillie says the Phoenix/Hamilton thing isn’t over ’till the fat lady sings.

7 thoughts on “Balsillie Thwarted. And If I Can’t Own The Habs, Then Somebody Good Should”

  1. I was too young and naive to realize how much the Hab’s owners in the seventies did or did not interfere with the running of the team. I have paid attention to how George Gillette has owned the Habs and if you were looking for a model to follow it would have to be Gillette. No? All the guy has done is let the hockey people run the team while he puts in the money, accepting the special place the Canadiens hold in the hearts of their fans and in the hockey world. I hope the new owners have paid attention.

  2. Senator Hartland Molson who you see in the old team pictures was a good one. Class guy. Someone told me Gillett was responsible for the Carbonneau firing, but I don’t knoe how true that is.

  3. Read the article about The Atlantic City Pop Festival , great stuff it sure brings back pleasant memories while you & I both were there !! 40 years ago & it seems just like yesterday . Man we’re geting old but thanks to you we have the only two tee shirts celebrating the festival that wer’nt sold for profit , thanks to you. My birthday is August 3rd & what a birthday it was , the last day of a fantastic 3 day festival !!!!
    Cheers from the East

  4. Wondering if you guys can help, is it as good as certain Gillett is selling the Canadiens? I’m a Liverpool FC fan and obviously this would have a big impact on my team. Also I noticed one of the comments suggesting Gillett has been an excellent hockey team owner, is that view widely held as well? Seems a long way from the average Liverpool fan’s point of view! Thanks for any responses guys.

  5. Hi. Regarding George Gillett. It’s only a matter of time before he sells the Canadiens. He’s been a good owner, I think. Very friendly etc. Although I have heard that he was behind the scenes of coach Guy Carbonneau getting fired. But that may or may not be true. I think he’s okay but the Montreal Canadiens need a Canadian owner, not an American. So it’s time for a change.

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