Ball Daddy


Team Canada has opened up their Olympic orientation camp in Calgary by playing only ball hockey because of the insurance costs. Maybe they should make it so any player helping out with the insurance automatically makes the team.

Did everyone involved know this was going to happen or did it get sprung on them after they got to Calgary? I don’t know. You probably do.

Did someone forget to look into this sooner? I saw that all the players had nice t-shirts with their names on them, and I’m guessing the shoes and tape and skate laces were thought of beforehand. Just not the part about phoning State Farm.

Anyway, this is why I don’t want to be in charge. I just want to own the team, have a nice big luxury box, and have you join me where we can drink brandy and watch George Parros kick the shit out of Shawn Thornton.

The week after, when the Leafs are in town, I’ll have you back and we can see Brandon Prust flatten Nazem Kadri’s face as we drink our Courvoisier and sneak the odd Cuban cigar.

I’ll leave the tape buying and insurance dealings for people who work for me. Loyal people. People who work hard and make sure I don’t have to. Although sometimes just for fun I’d like to count the gate receipts, but we’ll see about that later.

High insurance costs.

I hate insurance companies.

2 thoughts on “Ball Daddy”

  1. Hey apparently Kadri was a Hab fan as a kid. It’s not fair that a kid can’t get to play for the team they like. Imagine Crosby as a Hab? The problem with the current set up is kids who loved one team end up having to play for a totally different team that they may have despised while growing up. How does Malcom Subban feel about playing for the bastard Boohooins especially with all the crap they’ve said about PK? And he’ll have to listen to that twit Julien every day. I think I’d rather play in Europe.

  2. DK, sounds like something you would read about the KHL not the NHL, or is this how we plan on not going again in four years.

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