Back Stop

At this time anyway, I’m stuck. I can’t move. I blew my back out yesterday taking something out of the trunk of my car. It took Luci and I almost an hour to get me off the bed at 4:30 a.m.

I’m on the couch with a heat pad and I can’t move. So I’m not able to do more than just tap this out and then figure out how to get to the bathroom.

Basically, right now I’m a little bit screwed.

It’s game day. Go Habs.

13 thoughts on “Back Stop”

  1. Sending best wishes and good thoughts! I’ve been in this position (flat on my back, in desperate pain) more times than I want to think about. SUCKS! I have a crushed disk at the sciatic nerve. Oh boy. And it’s always the innocent things that trigger it .. tying a shoe, stepping off a curb, getting something out of the trunk. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Take care

  2. OUCH!!!

    Hope your back doesn’t take too long to feel better.

    Ummmm…. May I suggest having Luci get you a small bell to tinkle shoud you require attention…

    Just a thought

  3. I feel your pain as I have been there before. I hope that you iced it before you put heat on it so as not to infame it too much. In a couple of days simple stretching exercises are what you will need or if ambitious enough get an inversion table as it works great for me. It’s like traction and your body weight if at all like most of us is what keeps the traction thing working so well. Hope you get up and arounfd soon. Go Habs Go!

  4. I am a mass of pain right now myself due to shoveling snow. Thank goodness for my good friend Tylenol Arthritis. I don’t know if it’ll help you but it helps me a lot.

    Did you know Chris Nilan has a show on TSN 690 now? It’s on from 1-3 every day. I like it a lot so far.

    This should be an easy win for us…so I hope we don’t screw it up. 🙁

  5. DK, like many of your readers have said get well soon & I also know your pain. Instead of medication I’m going to have Chris Lee come over and natter on & on about how he likes to screw the Habs. That should have you up in no time!! Take care buddy & don’t rush it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your upper-body injury Dennis. Hope you aren’t sidelined too long but take all the time you need to fully recover. You have team mates from coast to coast who miss you more than you know. Please take care and get well soon my friend.

  7. Denis! Being screwed is not always a bad thing my friend!
    I know, I know, I have been there before, and it is not funny at all.

    Sure hope your getting some hands on sympathy, get well !

    Ian Cobb

  8. Some good news, Ryder appears he’ll be back today. Blunden, our only replacement forward has been sent back to Hamilton. And Bourque is back practicing with Prust and Weber, all of whom should be back soon.

  9. Dennis, sorry to hear, about your predicament.Take the time you need to mend; take the time to listen to stories from Lucie’s childhood.[ You gave us a taste a while back] Us hooligans out in the electric world have LOTS of your notes to keep us chewing our cud for a bit!! We’ll hoot & holler and shake our fists at the screen on your behalf if the game goes sour tonite.

  10. You poor thing. I knew back problems, too. Hopefully this exciting game (in OT now) has you jumping for joy. Armstrong brought tears to my eyes.

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