5 thoughts on “Back It Up”

  1. As you already know, the Montreal Police officially opened the investigation Thursday, only after being inundated with 911 calls from residents wanting to report the Chara hit.

    Cops eventually had to issue a press release asking people to stop calling 911 and only use it for emergency purposes.

    Yes, it was a horrific situation but I wonder how many emergent calls got delayed while the cops phones were tied up.

  2. I think karma will be a bitch for Chara. He’s getting older and younger guys like Max are just starting. I doubt make will ever exact revenge on the big dufus but Max will come back and be 100% again sooner than we all think. He’s 6-2 and will gain 30 pounds making him an even bigger force. Hopefiully Balding Big Nose will still be playing to watch Max put up some big numbers. I think over the next two years some big kid will come up who is just as big as Chara and tougher will put the fear into him the way Laraques did. Big Z, karma is a killer.

  3. The Karma thing may also take aim at Gregory Campbell.

    Maybe Greg’s dad will have a different point of view when it’s his son lying unconscious on the ice.

    I should add I hope it never happens.

    But is it going to take a death to change the NHL’s attitude?

  4. It really hurts to watch the replays of Pacioretty getting hit. I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now. My heart goes out to them.

    Come back the right way, Max, we’re rooting for you!

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