Back In The Saddle Again

Carey Price stopped the pucks, Mike Cammalleri played more like Mike Cammalleri, and the Canadiens rebound after a dismal showing in St. Louis two days ago by blanking the Penguins 3-0 in Pittsburgh and causing Habs fans everywhere to enjoy things for a change after a dark and dirty last four days.

How beautiful is it when your team comes out of the gate in the first minute of two periods and puts the other team behind the eight ball before jock straps even begin to smell? It’s a sweet thing for the doers to be sure as Tomas Plekanec opened things up just 46 seconds into the game and Travis Moen repeated the act 24 seconds into the second period.

You have to sort of picture why this is such a good thing. Before the game, Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma would go over things, planning stategy and winding his team up in a big way, then his boys, whooping and hollering, skate out to an adoring crowd  and bingo….Montreal scores 46 seconds in and screws it all up.

Then, in the dressing room between periods, Bylsma would pull his best Knute Rockne, motivating and convincing the boys that the game is there for the taking, gets them back into a fine frenzy, they skate back out to the adoring crowd, and pffft…..Travis Moen pricks the balloon by scoring before Mario Lemieux can even get back to his luxury box. 

And with that, the flightless birds are almost finished and the Habs feel the good life after living on skid row for the past few days.

Just an excellent afternoon for all with a stake in the Montreal Canadiens, like you and me and the Molsons. They played a fine road game, bottled up the Penguins for most of the day, and best of all, no one got hurt by Matt Cooke.

Random Notes:

PK Subban played with some flamboyance not seen lately, and personally, I’ve missed this from our young star. Yes, he’s been a fine, solid and dependable blueliner, learning mostly from Hal Gill, and this is dandy, but seeing a touch of the wild and crazy PK was a little like seeing Led Zeppelin crank it up after a soft ballad.

Mike Cammalleri, with a goal and an assist, was maybe the Habs best player on this day. This after I said the other day that he’s been but a shell of himself since his shoulder injury. But I shouldn’t take credit. Okay, I will.

Carey Price recorded his eighth shutout. And probably in direct correlation to his oustanding play this year is the fact that I noticed on Your Canadiens last week when cameras followed him around buying a bowling ball and such, that he has such a  pretty girlfriend with a gorgeous smile.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 26-20 Pittsburgh.

Next up – the red hot Capitals pay a visit to Montreal on Tuesday.

Brent Sopel, now on the shelf with a broken hand, joined his former Chicago teammates the other day to hang out with President Obama at the White House. Wouldn’t it have been great if Sopel wore a Habs jersey to the event? Or at least shouted Go Habs Go at some point.

8 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle Again”

  1. Dennis, this game went a long way to mending my broken hockey heart. And if you look at the standings we are now just two points away from the Bruins.

    Price continues to amaze and delight. He is definitely in contention for the Vezina trophy.

    I expect the Bruins along with Tim Thomas to be dragged down by that huge cloud of shame called Zdeno Karma.

    Boston has lost every game since the incident; and if there is a hockey god their slide will continue and we will surpass them in the standings.

    Too bad for Thomas the Flopper. Carey Price is the man!

  2. It was a great team effort today. The entire team was consistently one step ahead of the Penguins. I don’t know when Pittsburgh had those 10 shots in the 3rd period. Until the 6 on 4 to finish the game, I didn’t think the puck even approached Price that period.

  3. Hey Dennis, Yes a very good game for the Habs,they neede something like this after their loss the other nite and the emotional shit they have been going through since the Pacioretty incident.I wonder if Chara got deported for this if his country would refuse to accept him like Goldie Goldthorpe of Slap Shot fame.I not only thought Carey had a great game ,but the Habs played very defensively throughout the contest.I’m just waiting for the end of the Leafs first period to hear from Don Cherry to see what his thoughts are on the “hit”.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well just as was expected from Cherry,he doesn’t think there was anything wrong at all with the hit,well lets hope that this doesn’t occur again,some extra padding as Don suggests would be a good idea.I’m still not happy about the decision,Cherry just adds fuel to Bettman’s fire.

  5. Well I guess it was too much to ask for Cherry to do the right thing tonight.

    He’s still an angry old man screaming at clouds.

    Thanks for nothing Don.

  6. That was just what the doctor ordered for the team and the fans. No matter what happens to this team they manage to pull it together. Triumph in the face of a lot of adversity. I give the coaching staff a lot of credit too. It’s kind of a downer to think how awesome they would be if Gorges and Markov were playing. I hope Price manages to catch Dryden’s record of 10 shutouts.

  7. Moey, it was such an important win and good for them. What a character team. Just keep losing defensemen and just keep winning. And abolutely, ten shutouts would be awesome. Tough schedule coming up too. Washington, Tampa, Rangers, Minnesota, Buffalo, Boston, Washington. But they’ve got it done so far and I see no reason why they won’t keep it up.

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