Back In It, Baby!!!

“The boys are going to be just fine, they’ll get it done tonight,” said a very confident assistant coach Kirk Muller, and I believed him. Every word. I had this inner peace after listening to him. This kind of thing is said by every coach before every game, but the way Muller said it was different. It was in his eyes and I believed him absolutely.

And was he ever right.

The Canadiens steamrolled to a massive 5-1 demolishing of the visiting Philadelphia Flyers, they played as fine a game as you’ll see from this year’s edition, and climbed back in the series in a big-time way.

Kirk Muller is a very smart guy.

No one’s talking about Michael Leighton now. The guy had received way too much ink from the previous two games. But now the big guy’s back – Jaroslav Halak, and his red-shirted brothers in front of him played a fire-wagon hockey we rarely see in this day and age from  the CH.

By the time this series is over, Michael Leighton will be mentioned in the same breath as Tommy Soderstrom and Ray Emery instead of Bernie Parent.

Someone said Montreal played in this game 3 like they did in the Pittsburgh and Washington series, but I feel it was a much different story on this night. In those games, Montreal blocked shots, took advantage of a few chances, and enjoyed Halak stopping almost every missile launched at him. 

Tonight, they dominated in all aspects, threw the puck around with precision, swooped and swerved with abandon, had a dozen great scoring chances, and Flyers fans can stop peeing their pants from excitement and concentrate on not shitting them instead.

Roman Hamrlik was a rock on the blueline, and Maxim Lapierre….. Ah, Maxim! You skated and thumped and yipped and yapped and had the Flyers looking to throttle you all night. It was beautiful. Although I can understand why opposing players want to tear your eyeballs out with their fingers and remove your teeth with a pair of pliers.

I’ll go out on a limb and say all Habs fans enjoyed Max immensely on this night. I also figure Flyers fans thought about firing a bullet through their plasma TV’s as they saw Max’s big grins. They were probably so angry they couldn’t wait to get outside and slash some more tires.

The teams ended it all with less than good will, and Don Cherry said later the Canadiens should have been more mellow while holding a four-goal lead because they shouldn’t upset Mike Richards and gang. I say bullshit to Mr. Cherry. The Flyers know now that not only do they have to skate with the speedy Habs, but the Canadiens aren’t pussycats either.

Wasn’t it the entire hockey world except for Habs fans who thought the Flyers were too big and too strong? And now Cherry thinks the Habs should be peaceniks?

Random Notes:

Canadiens got goals from Mike Cammalleri (his 13th), Tom Pyatt, Dominic Moore, Brian Gionta, and Marc-Andre Bergeron.

Bergeron’s power play blast from the blueline is exactly what we want Bergeron to do on a nightly basis.

Several lovely young ladies sat behind the Habs bench.

Shot on goal – Montreal 38, Orangemen 26.

23 thoughts on “Back In It, Baby!!!”

  1. This win marks the 400th playoff win for the storied franchise.

    Now with that orange monkey off our backs we can look forward to the Habs winning #407 and you-know-what.

    Scott Hartnell’s face looks like the rear end of an orange monkey.

    If we keep playing like this it will be Habs in six.

  2. We finally won a game when we out-played and out-shot the opposition. And that makes 3 in a row against Philly. If Leighton hadn’t shut down Montreal in the first periods in Philadelphia, the results would have been like this. With him playing like the career waiver-draft roster-filling goalie that he is, it will be Habs in 6 as Danno wrote.

  3. I’m a little worried that people are writing off the flyers already. Three more wins still have to be played. Isn’t it interesting that when they fell behind the flyers resorted to old time flyer hockey? Who really thinks Hartnell will be suspended for instigating in the last 5 minutes and exactly how does being in a headlock that the other guy refuses to let go in front of the ref constitute roughing on your part? I can see why other teams hate Lapierre but it’s hard not to laugh at the faces he makes and the “Wooo I’m shaking in my boots!”.

  4. For me, DJ, I’m jusr so excited that the team rebounded in such solid fashion. It’s a long series of course, but what a way to rebound!

  5. Last season in the NBA playoffs, the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks went seven games but every one was a blowout. I wonder if we’re in store for that here.

    I could see this win coming. The Canadiens dominated Game 2 except in front of the net and it was all because they weren’t attacking the Flyer defenders. Montreal is faster than Philadelphia (especially the Flyers’ blueliners) so they needed to use their speed and drive to the net. Hard. They did that tonight and they won- convincingly. I don’t think this means the Flyers are done but at least this means Montreal is playing the way they should be. The other great part about this game is that the Canadiens didn’t get themselves stuck along the boards and allow the Flyers to use their size, which is something they have to continue.

    Looks like we have ourselves a series folks.


  6. Hi Dennis – Subban and Gionta really made for enjoyable viewing last night. What a game! Such fire from the men.

    Can’t wait until Sat. at 3 p.m.! Go Habs Go!!

  7. Hey Dennis, Well let me say ,speed worked last nite.The one thing that the Habs have going for them kicked into gear last nite and crippled the flyers.I felt bad for Jaro Halak as he lost his shutout bid from a deflected shot off Hal Gill,this can happen at once in awhile.These guys were here to play,even ak46 and Plekanecs did they’re part in punishing these idiots.PK Subban was a force,although he got caught a couple of times.I can see a different series coming down.Kirk Muller is going to be happy

  8. well said as well. I have lost a lot of respect for Don Cherry. He talks a tough game in Philly, very critical and then he shows up at the belle centre saying the Habs can do it. What a two faced JACKASS. I used to watch Coach’s Corner and wait to watch it but no more. Grapes, you’re an idiot. You used to have cahones, but now you’re senile. Retire already!

  9. can someone tell me if hartnell is suspended fo instigating? They mentioned it last night when Flyers were pouting and started fighting.

  10. Mayo, I haven’t heard, but Hartnell should be but probably won’t. I was thinking the same thing when I was watching it, waiting for someone to to tell us.

  11. Derry, that might be their best game in the playoffs so far. Philly’s too slow for them. And Kirk Muller was right on the money.

  12. Diane, now we see that they can win this thing for sure. It’s never easy coming back from down 2 games, but the way they played last night I have complete faith in them. They were great, and I was proud.

  13. I’m not surprised, Hobo. Some of those Yankee broadcasters are off the wall for sure. It’s always been this way.

  14. DG – the Habs have made it a series. And the most important thing is – they’ve adjusted and found the game need to beat the Flyers. Speed, not sitting back, clearing the net, and blocking Leighton’s view. More of this and we’ll be fine. Oh, and no more injuries.

  15. Phil, Subban’s a prize but he’s still making rookie mistakes which the coaches will help him with. What a great game by everyone.

  16. There is NO WAY our guys are going to let up now. Now they’re only seven wins away from bagging the big price.
    As the beer ad used to say:
    “You’ve got to have heart. Miles and miles and miles of heart.”
    And they do. They proved it last night.
    This team always seems to amaze us at the very point when everyone has written them off. I have said this about 25 or 30 times this season and it has always turned out to be true.
    That 45 minute team meeting sure made a world of difference in how they played.
    Captain Kirk has righted the Enterprise.
    Time to launch a photon torpedo into the bow of the S.S. Flyers and blast her into tiny bits of space junk.

  17. Danno, I admire the coaches for making the necessary adjustments. It was the same in the othere series too. Have a look at how the other team plays, don’t play well, adjust, and win the thing. What stategy! And like I said in the post, with all my heart I believed Kirk Muller before the game. He knew they were ready.

  18. Dennis, chill a few extra beers post-game on Saturday. Mrs. Kane is traveling and won’t mind, I’m sure.

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