Babe Balls

I can only imagine what went through your head when you read this title. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe go to confession.

Yes, it’s World Series time! I can remember in grade 5 when I brought my little red transistor radio to school and the teacher let me listen to the games, which were held in the afternoon back then, and whenever the score changed, my job was to post it on the blackboard. I was a big shot, everyone else had to do school stuff while I happily listened to the ballgame. It was one of the highlights of my schooldays.

Maybe the only highlight. I think it was all downhill after grade 5.

In honour of the World Series beginning, here’s a sampling of Babe Ruth signing baseballs, which these days can be bought for anywhere from $5000 to $25000. I wouldn’t recommend buying one though, even if you have Scott Gomez-type money. Not with forgers being so dastardly talented.

Babe died in 1948, and the second picture you see here was definitely in his final years.

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  1. Geez Hobo, I think I’d need a better memory than the one I have. But I looked up the years around then and it could’ve been the Dodgers-White Sox, or Pittsburgh-Yankees, or Reds-Yankees. But I can’t say exactly. The Pittsburgh year, with Bill Mazeroski, very well could be it because the year is very close but I’m not completely sure what year it was when I was in grade five.

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