Blabbering On Until The Puck Drops

There’s not much to be said about the upcoming game six in Montreal. Hell, there’s not even much the Canadiens coaches can say. The players know what needs to be done. They know they have to do all the right things if they’re going to take this to a game seven. They know they have to play the game of their lives, not make any blunders, and don’t do anything to make us mad at them.

All we can do is wait. It’s like sitting in the muddy trenches, waiting for the enemy to appear so we can ruin their day.

So while we wait, I thought I’d just blabber on. And today I’m blabbering about Seattle.

Seattle presently has a team in the Western Hockey League – the Thunderbirds, and of course, back in 1917 when you were just a tot, the Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup. And between the Thunderbirds and the Metropolitans have been many amateur and minor-pro teams, including the legendary Totems which featured Guyle Fielder, maybe the best player to never play in the NHL. (except for 15 games).

It almost seems like a good hockey town, this birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. And it’s only a couple of hours south of the Canadian border, so it should be a real good hockey town. You’d also think it would make a terrific and natural rival for the Vancouver Canucks if it had an NHL franchise.

But I was reading the Seattle Times last week and the sports page consisted of this:

Page 1 – Mariners news, Seahawks minicamp report, and a column about Oregon college basketball.

Page 2 – Fishing report, and a continuation of the stories from page 1.

Page 3 – NFL news

Page 4 – Baseball boxscores

Page 5 – High school baseball boxscores

Page 6 – Mini report from the Associated Press wires about the NHL, just above Public Notices.

So the question is – if an almost-border city with an area population of 4 million, which has a WHL junior team and once won the cherished Stanley Cup, shows no interest in the NHL playoffs, then why would Gary Bettman think hockey would take off in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and other such places?

I’d also like to switch gears and wish Bret Michaels a complete recovery. The charismatic rock star, who is such a big part of this year’s Celebrity Apprentice, suffered a brain hemorrhage last Friday in China and is in critical condition.

19 thoughts on “Blabbering On Until The Puck Drops”

  1. Wasn’t there talk about Paul Allen buying a team for Seattle? What happened with that?
    My only qualm is that although Seattle is a northern US city, it doesn’t have northern weather.

  2. Chris, it sort of has northern weather. It’s the same as Vancouver. Cool, damp, sometimes snow. Definitely more hockey weather than Phoenix.

  3. Just put the team back into Winterpeg and be done with it already!! What more needs to said here.

  4. Dennis…I did say my team in 6 and your team in 7…so far I’m battin’ 500 here. Now K some B tonight!!! Go Habs!!

  5. Winnipeg deserves a team so much. They should never had lost it. I really feel for Winnipeg fans and hopefully they’ll get a team soon. I think it’s going to happen.

  6. Hi Dennis, hope your Canadians make it tonight, Vancouver can’t be the only Canadian team to move on…………ps I think you owe me something:)

  7. KGB has basically said he hates hockey in canada but if he did allow another team in the great white north he would accept a reasonable offer from orilla. the team nickname would be the bullbozers and not the terriers and because it is such a small market the owner would be required to perform stickboy duties as well….. this senario is no sillier than what he is doing now.

  8. Dennis, I think the kids holding the flags should have bayonettes attached on the end of their flagpoles. That way, if the big ape tries any funny stuff they can just shish-kebob him. Would serve him right.

    Imayo; Is that true about P.K. Subban? Oh man, if it is we are in for a treat tonight. I can’t believe the Bulldogs are too happy about letting him go in the middle of their playoffs though.

    That being the case, I expect that the home rink jinx will finally end tonight with Halak playing an excellent match and Varlamov putting on a mediocre performance.
    In the playoffs, it all comes down to goaltending.
    Habs in seven.

  9. Bulldogs just knowcked out Canuck’s Moose last night and their next round starts this thrusday so he may be available but I doubt it as he will help Habs into next round. PP may have some flavor tonight and I do think Varlamov is vulnerable. I don’t think he’s a starter and he knows it. He will be nervous tonight and I hope we lite him up early.

  10. Yes, Sandy, I know. 5 bucks. But I never see you. You only work when you feel like it, I guess.

  11. Hobo, A team in Orillia would be perfect except the Leafs would get their shorts in a knot about it. I’m just rying to visualize where the arena might be built. What about the old Smith farm?

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