Babbling After The Cheez Whiz

You haven’t asked but I’ll tell you anyway. I’ve got time after polishing off my cheez whiz on Russian rye and lemon drink concoction that is supposed to be healthy and kills enemy cells but I really have no idea.

Would I like to see Alex Ovechkin play for the Habs?


But I’d take Evgeny Malkin or Ilya Kovalchuk in a heartbeat. Pavel Datsyuk too.

And if Montreal went out and got Alexander Semin, whom I suppose is available on the market, then I hope a lockout happens and isn’t resolved until it’s time for him to retire.

If Montreal got Semin, I don’t even want to be stickboy. That’s how bad it is. You ever see him fight?

As for Ovechkin, I think players and coaches around the league have him figured out. You just have to be careful when he has the puck close in because he has such a wicked shot. Other than that, I can do without the flair and high maintenance. Unless Washington wants Gomez, Bourque, and Kaberle in return. Then welcome Ovie! Can I get you anything?

And yes, I know you’ve seen this Semin fight a million times, but I’m showing it again in case there’s the odd person out there who just got out of prison or was living in a monastery in Tibet for the past several years.



6 thoughts on “Babbling After The Cheez Whiz”

  1. That’s toooo funny…… Fergy he ain’t. Someone tell Mr. Seemen there is no fighting in womans hockey. Is this flic part of his UFA resume?

  2. Now come on guys, don’t you watch MMA? Those are clearly hammer fists!
    You know Dennis I read a good article by Relentless Ineptitude and he makes a good case for not lumping Bourque in with Gomez and Kaberle. Yet. I also think Bourque deserves a chance with a full training camp and new coach to see what he can do. Size, scoring, and grit, something we’ve been begging for forever right? This is a guy who in his first game as a hab faced the music and slugged it out with Hendricks, that’s the kind of character this team needs more of. I’m prepared to wipe the slate clean and see what he brings this fall.

  3. D-John, I’m totally willing to cheer for Bourque, as soon as he does something, and as soon as he doesn’t go from shift to shift like he’s barely trying.I see no enthusiasm or passion from the guy, but having said that, if he comes out next year and does well, all is forgiven. But until then……

  4. I think Semin bought himself a one-way ticket to the KHL. But then again, there’s always some sucker GM who might try to pick him up and overpay the guy. Watching him in the playoffs you’d have to be insane to want to get the guy but I am sure someone will still be convinced that he’s the solution to their problems. Thankfully we no longer have Gauthier so we should be safe!

    I would take Ovechkin but the problem is that I’ve heard is that he’s a bit of a party guy. I am sure he would thrive here because people would treat him like a god but the nightlife might cause a ton of problems.

    One guy I wish we’d try to pick up is Crosby. He’s a UFA next summer and he and Malkin apparently don’t mesh very well – Malkin plays better when Crosby isn’t around. I would love to see us get him somehow. It’ll probably never happen but one can always dream.

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