Avoiding Montreal Potholes

To fool you into thinking this a timely playoff post, I’m leading off saying we were at Canadian Tire in St. Bruno yesterday and not only were all the employees wearing “Go Habs Go” shirts, but they were also giving away large posters like this:


Now that the contemporary playoff section is complete, I move on to potholes and Maurice Richard’s house.

Today was a day to get out and drive around Montreal because we hadn’t done it in awhile. A little thing like a brutal four-month winter got in the way.

And we drove all over the place, looking at classic neighborhoods filled with apartments with winding outdoor staircases, with people coming alive and milling about, all capped off by smoked meat at Lesters. Beautiful.

However, the potholes everywhere are something to behold. It’s pathetic. I’ve never seen a city with so many large craters in the streets everywhere, ready to destroy cars.

My car had such a gentle life up until nine months ago, but I think it’s quickly becoming screwed. I just wish I owned a shocks and suspension shop. I might be rich enough to own the Habs.

And Montreal, if you’re going to have these ridiculous potholes, the least you could do is fill them in front of the house in Ahuntsic where Maurice Richard lived and raised his family and drove to and from the Forum.

It doesn’t seem right.

Below, potholes at the Rocket’s, who lived at the end of a normal and unassuming street. Although his place was nicer than any others.


Below, Rocket’s house from the park across the street. Darth took me here last fall and today I took Luci as part of our Saturday drive. It still appears that no one lives here, although blinds are on the windows now.


Rocket’s street.


Scenes from inside this house in the 1950s.

Habs wives



And a restaurant not far away.





9 thoughts on “Avoiding Montreal Potholes”

  1. That was a fantastic game the Habs played last night! and they’re on the high road now, and I have faith they’re going to remain there. Today’s other games were also of note but I am sure everyone knows about them… I got fooled by your Canadian Tire post too! hahah But I did enjoy it and it was a lovely tour…. those potholes! how many times future hockey players learned to play around them…. ! Now here’s a stat quiz(related to the Rocket) to see if you or anyone who visits here knows:Wayne Gretzky pretty broke and created records that probably no one will ever match or surpass with the exception of one; it’s one that was created by Rocket Richard. I first found out about this a few years back. It’s fun, so I hope you can find it! I will give a clue: it’s the type of record that’s not likely to occur nowadays.

  2. Way back in 1965 (at 14 years old) we moved to St. Bruno and lived there for about 8 months before moving to St. Hubert. We (all the kids) hated St. Bruno. My dad was in the armed forces. The bases we lived at were relatively small. St. Bruno seemed overwhelming. Did not make any friends.
    But by the summer (1966) we moved to St. Hubert and we loved it. Actually we did not live in the town. There was a CFB base just outside the town. That’s where we lived. Lots of good memories. From your story did the Rocket live in St. Bruno?

    Don’t recognize the pot holes…… though.

  3. Hi Frank. I find the the St. Hubert/St. Bruno area nice but of course we haven’t seen a lot of either. I just wish my Frnech was better because I read that St. Hubert is 95% French. But I’m trying. The Rocket and Lucille raised their family in Ahuntic, about 20 km northeast of the Forum, which is the house in the story. But as a boy he lived in Bordeaux.

  4. William, I went over the list of Rocket’s records and nothing jumped out that might not ever be broken. I’m going to keep looking though. Yes, maybe someone can help. You’ve got me really curious.

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