Avoid This If You Can

I’m in the middle of installing crown moulding (or crown molding in the US) in my living room, and I have to tell you, I’ve had more fun at the dentist. Angles, upside down, backwards…….&#$%!@

Have you ever done this? Heed my advice. Go for a beer instead.

10 thoughts on “Avoid This If You Can”

  1. DK, or have a brother-inlaw who does it for a living!! I hope you bought 3 times the amount you need because the 2 extra amounts are for you to heave through the living room window when they don’t match up! Been there bought the tee shirt.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Dennis it’s really not that hard if you have a miter box saw and a coping saw and most importantly a little patience. Anyone can do a good job if they use those tools with caution and PATIENCE. Good luck though and remember the more detailed the crown mould the more patience you need.

  3. Darth, it’s that fancy baseboard-type that goes where the walls meet the ceiling. Getting the corners to match up is tricky because the stuff sits on an angle.

  4. A Crown Moulding Joke:

    Why is installing crown moulding is like coaching Mike Cammalleri?

    Because it’s hard to get it to go into the corners.

    Dennis, when (or if) you finish, you should celebrate with some Crown Royal whiskey as you will be Royally fed up with crown moulding.

  5. Danno, you’re on a roll. Don’t stop!Yes, there’s nothing like a crown moulding joke. Why is crown moulding like the Boston Bruins? Because it gives me evil thoughts.

  6. Nope, the Bruins are like crown molding because once it’s on top, it’ll suffice for 40 years…

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