Aurele Joliat And The Boys At The Forum. Three Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Get the popcorn out and enjoy parts one, two, and three of the Montreal Canadiens all-time dream team which included Toe Blake, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey, Larry Robinson, Dickie Moore, Jean Beliveau, and the Rocket. And as a special bonus that’ll make you laugh and touch your heart, 83 year old Aurele Joliat comes out in full uniform wearing his famous little black cap, and provides thrills and spills.  Enjoy these three videos. I know you will.

21 thoughts on “Aurele Joliat And The Boys At The Forum. Three Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure”

  1. I remember watching as the Canadiens announced this all-time Dream Team. Until I looked it up, I would have sworn it only happened 10-15 years ago. Where have the 24+ years gone? Why am I writing as if I’m an old man?

  2. Damn, I remember the 50th anniversary. I was a young man, only 16. Now I’m old, but not nearly as old as Aurele Joliat was in this clip.

    Thanks for this, Dennis. It does the heart no end of good to see the old favourites back on the ice. Maurice Richard could score even when he missed the puck. And having tripped a couple of times the first time around, Aurele Joliat insisted on a do-over skate.

  3. Hi Peter. It touches my heart too. Seeing the Rocket, Harvey, Plante, and I loved seeing Toe Blake again. All those great guys.

  4. Loved seeing my favorite, Gil Perreault, take the opening faceoff and help Mr. Joliat up at one point.

  5. Perreault was one of the slickest there was. He would’ve looked really good in a Habs uniform.

  6. I think Perreault requested a trade to the Habs at one point, maybe when Bowman was coaching the team…I can’t remember exactly when though. I should be more up on my Sabres history than I am. Poor guy came in at the wrong time, they couldn’t beat the Flyers in the Finals in ’75 and then they ran into the Habs, Isles, and the beginning of the Oilers dynasty. By then he was done.

  7. And I think if Perreault would’ve began his career a couple of years earlier, he would have automatically been a Hab because they had those Quebec rights then. But it all changed with expansion.

  8. Yes, I know. I’m not sure what you mean, but Montreal had the rights to Quebec players but by the time Perreault came along, that little bonus was gone. A year ot two before and he would’ve been a Hab.

  9. The Sabres and Canucks were vying for Perreault in the expansion draft. Clarence Campbell spun a wheel and Buffalo’s numbers (2 ones) came up. An early book about the Sabres was even called “A Spin of the Wheel”. Also, was Marcel Dionne the first French-Canadian to fall under the new draft rules?

  10. Dionne was drafted the same year as Guy Lafleur, This was a year after Perreault. Perreault’s draft year was the first year that Montreal didn’t have dibs on Quebec players.

  11. If the Sabres win a home game, they play a video on the jumbotron from about 10 years ago of Gil lipsynching Elvis’ “The Wonder of You” as everyone leaves the arena.

    Anyway, sorry to derail your original post. Is it true that Joliat would absolutely go apeshit on anyone who tried to knock his hat off?

  12. Kathleen, you’re not derailing at all. It’s really interesting about Perreault. Especially the Elvis thing. I’ve also heard he’s a bit of a grump nowadays but I don’t know for sure.
    You bet Joliat would lose it when someone tried to knock his hat off. Joliat was a feisty bugger. I drank beer with him the 1980’s in Ottawa and he was grumpy and said the f-word a lot, but after about a half an hour, he turned into a kind, gentle man. I drove him home afterward and he was very nice and said thank you and it made me feel good. I feel very lucky to say I drank beer with Aurele Joliat.
    I’ve really been enjoying our little back and forth comments.

  13. You are right about Bert being a grump…he is very nice to the fans and makes a lot of appearances in WNY but from what I’ve read on Sabres message boards, the French Connection have been at odds with the organization in varying degrees over the years. Rene Robert recently provided the Buffalo News with some zingers, it was very entertaining. I can’t say I blame him:

    Robert recalled a conversation with Quinn a few years ago like this:

    Robert: “What’s your background, Larry?”

    Quinn: “I’m a land developer.”

    Robert: “Do you think I could do your job?”

    Quinn: “No, I don’t think you could.”

    Robert: “Then what makes you believe you’re a hockey man?”

  14. Thanks Kathleen. I’m going to post this story tomorrow. And is that Perreault’s nickname? Bert?

  15. Go right ahead.

    btw, there was a classic series on NHL Network US at 9 eastern tonight…the 1990 Adams Semifinals between the Habs and Sabres. The dueling goalies were Roy and Darren Puppa, and Pat Burns & Rick Dudley were behind the benches. “Ooh-la-la Pierre” Turgeon couldn’t get things going for the first few games, then he started scoring. And Mathieu Schneider was playing, it’s as if no time has passed at all.

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