Attention Josh Gorges Family

Hello Josh Gorges and family members. The Dairy Queen in Powell River has closed its doors and I was wondering, because you already have a couple of Dairy Queens in Kelowna, if you’d like to buy another.

In fact, if you want, I’ll try and convince a few readers to move out here and we’ll manage it for you. We could put Habs stuff all over the walls, (and a couple of Canucks things to pander to the locals), bring in some big-screen TV’s, and run it as a Dairy Queen Sports Bar. 

And the old place didn’t do well so I thought we’d try something different and add beer shakes and tequila floats to the menu.

Call me. 

21 thoughts on “Attention Josh Gorges Family”

  1. Dennis, I love that idea. I back it 100%. I’d go there all the time. I love DQ’s Chocolate Milkshakes.

    We’d need to install a large Habs crest on each side of the wall though so people will know they’re going into a classy joint.

  2. be very careful…. hairy buttman and his nhl lackies will be allllllllllll over your ass regarding copyright infringement……………….. nice idea tho.

  3. Hey Dennis,Why don’t you call the new place… Derry’s team?Have a bunch of Hab crests with fans pics in the middle of them,given to everyone who signs up for the team and hang them on the wall,just a thought.

  4. Dennis,

    I sense an opportunity. While I may lack a real background in food retail, no let’s be honest, that’s any background, I feel strongly that I’m the man to manage this facility for you.

    It allows me to leave the mean and riot torn streets of London for the mellow west coast of Canada and a new life of fresh air and opportunity.

    And not only that. Once I’ve made a success of the entreprise I will have proved my suitability for a senior post when you eventually assume control of our beloved Canadiens.

    Yes I know you’ve promised all sorts of positions and blandishments to a lot of the blow-ins and occasional posters on here, but what track record do they have? I will have leap frogged them all because once you can sell ice cream what’s running a hockey team?

    And with your trusted side kick sat in the cold and sometimes riot torn streets of Montreal, you’ll be able to continue to reside in peaceful balmy Powell River safe in the knowledge that your club is in good hands.

    Everyone’s a winner.

    (I suppose I’ll miss my wife and children from time to time but hey ho that’s life. I suppose we can get a few economy class tickets built into my remuneration package so they can visit every few years. But it’s not a deal breaker. We British didn’t conquer continents by mulling too long on minor matters of sentiment.)

  5. Dennis, this is a terrific idea and your regulars will already know that Josh Gorges is a big fan of Dairy Queen. He even has experience serving up the tasty frozen treats.

    Remember the story you put out on him called Josh Gorges, Dairy King?

    Here it is…

    And by all means please make Blue Bayou a manager trainee of the Derry Team franchise

  6. I second Danno’s idea about having Blue as the manager. I can be Executive Taster. Then after my 20th beer I can be Executive Lying On The Floor Director.

  7. Yes but Darth, I was expecting you and a bunch of the others to come here and help me run it. It takes more than a few to hold up the good Gorges reputation and it has to be a fine Dairy Queen Sports Bar.

  8. For those of you wondering about Doug’s comment, the local sports bar, Kane’s, which I used to own with another guy, is closing its doors because the present owner has health issues. We sold it in the 1990’s but she asked to keep the name and I said sure.

  9. Hobo, Buttman won’t be allowed in. There’s a line you have to reach like at a carnival ride, and Buttman doesn’t reach it.

  10. Blue Bayou, first of all, you need to know that your wife and kids will all get free ice cream and fity-percent off fries and burgers when they come here so I don’t see the problem. But do you have what it takes? If you’re in charge, you must be at or near the front counter at all times, even when me and the others are in the back drinking beer and watching the hockey game. Are you ready for that? Truthfully, you’ve been penned in for a Habs management job for some time now, I just never told you. But you’d like it here, if an earthquake doens’t tear us apart from the mainland and I become a floating blogger.

  11. Danno, I don’t see why Josh doesn’t jump all over this. Especially when he finds out Blue Bayou is running the show.

  12. Hey Dennis,Like they way I coached the kids,everyone would get equal ice and we would all get equal bucks.Is that ok?


  13. Well, 20 beers is being polite. I have to make an impression for at least a few weeks. Then when I am set I can truly let loose.

    Now I’m craving a chocolate milkshake really bad.

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