At The Good Old Hockey Game

From a new book called Liquor, Lust, and the Law (Aaron Chapman), which is a look at the old Penthouse nightclub and strip joint in Vancouver.

Penthouse owners hired these ladies to streak the Pacific Coliseum in 1974 during a game between the Canucks and New York Islanders.

It was a good idea, I suppose. Thousands of people would’ve been talking about Penthouse for days after. Hopefully all the kids shut their eyes.



12 thoughts on “At The Good Old Hockey Game”

  1. What an AWFUL thing to happen at a hockey game…ah, who am I fooling? Wish it happened more. There were some times when I was at the BC where there were many girls who I wished were there for another reason. One can dream.

    Well, if we live in a world were Don, Milbury, and Edwards are praising us – who knows what may happen?

    I am such a typical guy.

  2. Those three young lovely ladies look like they need the kind of comforting only a good stickboy can offer. :mrgreen:

  3. Hey Dennis, Where are these girls trying to do , where are their helmets and face shields? What happened to their elbow pads and gloves , how can you expect to go out on the ice without all the safety equipment? I hope they didn’t block any shots while they were out there.

  4. Way back then, the Penthouse was THE place to go to enjoy the Ballet but not quite as classy as Chez Paris!!!!!

  5. Was probably a fun place, Beatnik. I heard Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington played there as well. Yes indeed, the ballet!

  6. You’re right, Derry. They had a lack of equipment, even though they had lots of equipment. I wonder if the trainers noticed.

  7. Darth, never mind those IceDogs in Chicago or wherever they are. Way too much clothes. These gals were brave. I wonder if Penthouse was fined for this stunt.

  8. Hey Dennis, thanks for the plug/mention of my book. Greg Douglas who was the media rep for the Canucks told a great story recently at one of the history walking tours of the Penthouse about how it all went down, as he was working for the Canucks then. He almost got fired by Colin Campbell himself for the incident.

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