At The Good Old Hockey Game

From a book called Liquor, Lust, and the Law (Aaron Chapman), which is a look at the old Penthouse nightclub and strip joint in Vancouver.

Penthouse owners hired these ladies to streak the Pacific Coliseum in 1974 during a game between the Canucks and New York Islanders.

It was a good idea, I suppose. Thousands of people would’ve been talking about Penthouse for days after. Hopefully all the kids shut their eyes.


2 thoughts on “At The Good Old Hockey Game”

  1. Hey Dennis, I never saw that game,Sorry i missed it though. I have never been to the Penthouse either . I dont even know where it was in Vancouver. I do remember reading about it in the news a few times alot of years ago.

  2. Hi Derry. I was in Vancouver last week and passed it coming from the airport. I don’t remember the street but it was just before you get to Georgia. It’s pretty rundown and I’m not sure it’s even open. PS I just Googled it and it’s on Seymour and appears to still be open.

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