At My Door The Leafs Are Falling

The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a 2-1 overtime game to the New York Islanders on Monday night, which means of course, the Leafs’ season is now over and very soon will be dwelling in the basement where they’re much more at home and comfortable.

It was a good run, though. Four straight.

And in honour of those boys in blue giving it a real shot this year and being good almost through most of October, I’d like to present a little song, sent to me from Blue Bayou in England. It’s the lovely Emmylou Harris with a little help from Elvis Costello, singing “I Still Miss Someone,” with the opening line a terribly depressing thing to hear for Leafs fans.

Emmylou, Elvis, and Blue Bayou sure are insensitive.

6 thoughts on “At My Door The Leafs Are Falling”

  1. i have always loved emmylou and what can you say about the guy who won the heart of that serious piece of chicken, diana krall……………………….. almost all the leafs have fallen at my house………………..too bad.

  2. Hobo, I work with a guy who took some music courses given by Diana Krall in Nanaimo. He said she’s an excellent lady.

  3. Dennis it’s going to be a Twilight Zone year of hockey if the Laffs contend, and I never did like that show. Apologies for not being around lately as I’ve fallen behind in my blog reading due to some stupid thing called work, which is apparently necessary if I want to continue to eat and live.

  4. I passed this on to a buddy in London, ON and he suggested this may be the fate of the “new”owner of the Habs.

  5. This Leaf fan is reporting from the Ottawa General Hospital currently…

    My wife called an ambulance in the Leaf/Islander O/T lose…Apparently

    I passed out in my favourite lazyboy when the Isles scored the winner to

    halt the Leafs march to a perfect 5-0 start…

    The doctor’s are reassuring her that a good 0-5 Leaf losing streak is the

    best medicine for me and has assured her that the Leafs being the Leafs

    relief to her husband should come soon ….

    .. but I wonder deep down … mmm .. 9 points out of 10 for season start..

    Please HAB fans I am counting on you .. are the Leafs really the Leafs of

    old …….

    Go Leafs Go

  6. Yes they are, Leaf Fan. I’m sorry. The Leafs are the Leafs, year after year after year. It’s what makes hockey so great. If they were good it wouldn’t be right at all. Just weird. But you had a good season – four games, and there’s always next year! Glad to see you pulled through. You wouldn’t have these problems if you were a Habs fan.

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