Assistant Steps In And Helps With Win

With head coach Jacques Martin high up in the stands studying the talent below, assistant coach Toe Bama takes over and offers tips to Roman Hamrlik, Josh Gorges and Maxim Lapierre during the big come-from-behind 3-2 win over the Sabres Saturday night.

Bama got his namename “Toe” as a kid when his little sister had trouble pronouncing his real name “O”. He was also a politician at one time, before he gravitated to hockey. “I like hockey because there’s less violence and swearing,” he said.


6 thoughts on “Assistant Steps In And Helps With Win”

  1. Yes we can come back from a 2-0 deficit!

    Yes we can rally against adversity and break through the wall of Ryan Miller!

    Yes we can show them we’re not going to take it!


  2. Hey DK…..our NEW neighbour is a Habs fan!!!…….his name is Dennis. Can we get any luckier???? Oh really?? Thought there’d be at least one more out there….west of the rockies and Winnipeg yah know.

  3. That game was amazing!
    Gionta just keeps impressing me. His goal was a beauty, right in the slot, small man who plays big. And finally Lapierre and Stewart’s efforts resulted into a goal each.

    PS: Sergei Kostitsyn is sent back to Hamilton!

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