Asham Admitted It Wasn’t Cool

I’m a little late getting at this because I was at work. If I don’t work I don’t eat. And if I don’t eat, I die, and I won’t get to see any upcoming Habs Stanley Cups.

This video of ex-Hab (1998-2002) Aaron Asham taunting Jay Beagle after their fight was sent to me this morning from Danno, and it’s only now that I’m able to put it up. It’s already old news but maybe some of you were at work like me.

The rest of you – why weren’t YOU at work?

The thing about Danno is, not only is he a regular reader and a guy who helps me by sending videos and links and such, but I like to think that he’s become a great friend too, even though he’s 3000 miles away.  I met him and his lady Gail just once, in Ottawa last spring, and I’m sure we’ll meet up again. I hope so. Danno has believed in my blog from the get go, has given me dozens of heads-up about various hockey-related matters, and he also promotes my site on Twitter and elsewhere. I just really, really appreciate it and I know I’ve been lucky to have him in my corner.

Thank you Danno.

The video Danno sent shows Asham getting the best of Jay Beagle in a fight, and afterwards does a few hand motions that even Asham admits as “a classless move on my part.” And because he said that, I have a new respect for the guy. I’ve done classless things over the years too. Probably too many to count. In fact, I think I’ve blocked most from my memory.

But I do recall when I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers, tripping a guy from another team when we were lined up to shake hands. And I remember in a teenage drunken stupor, telling a guy I didn’t know that his girlfriend was a slut, whereas he rightfully proceeded to punch me in the nose. Myself and some buddies once sold a Mars bar to a guy who thought he was buying $100 worth of hashish. And oh yeah, there was that time I………..never mind.

Yes, those were the days, Classless days. When stupidity ruled my brain.

Here’s the Asham/Beagle fight.

13 thoughts on “Asham Admitted It Wasn’t Cool”

  1. I like to think that I’m very classy, unless I’m near cheap beer of course, or if the habs are playing the leafs, or the bruins, or the flyers or any other team.

  2. Hey Dennis, Well ,although I thought it was a sad way to exclaim your triumph,good on him for admitting he was wrong in doing so.I always liked Asham,hard nosed old time hockey player,probably a little to much adrenaline racing through his pipes,but once he settled down he realised just what he had done.

  3. Marjo, don’t lose interest in hockey. There’s plenty of beautiful things about it that outweigh the other stuff. Years ago nobody thought twice about fights, but now the culture is changing. We’re going through some kind of revolution in hockey now, and as long as there are skilled, talented players, we’ll see great stuff. Hang in there. You’ll see.

  4. The time will come when a fist to the face like the one Ashim threw will

    knock a player down and he will hit his head on the ice and die…

    That will be the end of fighting ……

  5. Leaf Fan, that’s a very astute comment and I’m surprised because it comes from someone who cheers for the Leafs!

  6. Thank you …. I think the Leafs at 3-0 in the standing and Phil the Thrill

    with 5 goals 3 assists has stimulated a few of the old grey cells …..

    The again the Leafs started 4-0 last year …..

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