As The Scrapbook Turns – Part Three

Part three of the old scrapbook deals with newspaper clippings about the Rocket, plus Bernie Geoffrion and wife Marlene, and all the usual suspects – Toe Blake, Charlie Hodge, Pocket Rocket, Jean Beliveau, Tom Johnson, Habs in baseball uniforms, Rocket and son Normand, (who I’ve been eternally envious of), the Rocket meeting the Queen, him in a convertible in Czechoslovakia, and all the other little things that you can enlarge by double-clicking on the photos.

Parts 1 and 2 can be found by either scrolling down or going over to “Categories” on the right side and finding “The Old Scrapbook.”


3 thoughts on “As The Scrapbook Turns – Part Three”

  1. Dennis if you click a second time on the photo it enlarges again for a closer look.
    Cheers Mike

  2. Like I said before, this is awesome. And you started this right around what is probably their best era. Thank god you didn’t toss this when you reached adulthood like many people do with stuff they had as kids. I wonder if there is anyway to protect this. I think you can have the book itself laminated without having it torn apart. It should be something you might want to consider.

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