4 thoughts on “As Long As He’s Fine Next Fall”

  1. I find this really suspicious. I hope he’s ok just the same if this is legit. I just find the timing really funny. I wonder if Molson just told him to go home and relax and get a head-start on summer vacation as an apology for the team letting him down so much.

    If Gomez is good to go that is great news. That means that he can now be moved or sent down or bought out! Yes!!!!

  2. Scott Gomez should give his money back to Molson and apologize to him and all the Habs fans for floating around all season.

  3. @ Darth, I triple ditto DK’s comment but I hope you still want me to have some late night conversations with that weasle hating Hab’s ref Chris Lee & I use the term ref Sarcasticly!!!!

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