Arrivederci Scientific Tracking Log

Filing my scientific tracking log, the Habs’2011-12 schedule, where it belongs – in the garbage can.

And you don’t need to hear a long, rambling spiel on what went wrong this year. You already know. You saw everything as it all unfolded, and if you’re a Habs fan, you wanted to puke.

You watched Rene Bourque coast and Scott Gomez score one goal in an entire year and Tomas Kaberle being quite a shitty defenceman, thank you very much.

You saw a coach and a GM fired, bilingual new-coach problems, and leads being blown late in the game. You saw a power play as feeble as can be, a trade in the middle of the game, and injuries coming out your yin yang.

There’s no need to rehash. Things have been said and then said again, every day and every week for six months.

But we also saw some great things. The Deharnais, Cole, Pacioretty line was fabulous, and Josh Gorges is a warrior to behold. Alexei Emelin came over from Russia and rattled ribs. Lars Eller scored four one night, PK Subban continues his climb up the ladder to stardom, and we have a premier goalie, of course, in Carey Price.

I just want you to know one thing. The Montreal Canadiens will be a much better team next year. And then I want you to know another thing – that I’ll continue to post every single day, hopefully multiple times, throughout the playoffs and during summer.

So please stick with me. Maybe we can solve some world problems together. And who am I cheering for in the post-season? I have no idea. We’ll see how things unfold.


8 thoughts on “Arrivederci Scientific Tracking Log”

  1. So whom will you cheer for Dennis? Will you be pressured to side with those obnoxious Canuck fans or the treasonous Senator fans because they are Canadian teams. If you don’t, perhaps you will be accused of being unpatriotic. That would be unfortunate but if that were the case, imagine the leafs being the only Canadian team to make the playoffs. That would mean you would have to cheer for the leafs and by default they would be your second favorite NHL team. An unheard of thing for a die hard habs fan. After all, this is not the Olympics or the World Championships where every player on the team is representing the country he/she is from, in most cases, and it is your sworn duty to support them. This is the bush league NHL. ……….. Ottawa has 12 Canadian players out of 26, the Canucks 14, and the Bruins a whopping 18 Canadians. If you wanted to be patriotic you would cheer for our boys and the Bruins on #’s alone….. Not freekin’ likely. ……… At the risk of attracting unwarranted and brutal criticism, I shall be cheering for the Rangers and for these reasons. NY is my favorite city, Glenn Sather unloaded Scott Gomez which makes him and excellent GM and has done a great job of rebuilding the team, something the habs should pay attention to, and their uniforms most resemble habs uniforms only with the colors in the wrong place. Needless to say, it will not be a very exiting post season for most of us how ever you cheer.

  2. An interesting question, would I cheer for the leafs if they were the only Canadian team in the play-offs? Hopefully that never happens and I don’t have to make that choice. In the deep dark corners of my mind I think I might, that or just ignore the play-offs altogether!
    My hopes for a return of the cup to Canadian soil lies with the Canucks. Really Ottawa will do well just to get out of the first round. There is a lot to like about the Canucks, speed, grit, and skill, they are very good and worthy of representing Canadian hopes.

  3. So Dennis, I have enjoyed reading your brief and not so brief missives for the last couple of years…always informative and entertaining. The question is, where do you get all that memorabilia and why hasn’t your wife made you throw it all out by now? 🙂 Mine has been whittling down my precious stash of ‘junk’ over the past 30 years, although in fairness, it has not been Habs stuff.

    Your years in Orillia are fun to read about…I spent some of my youth in Prescott, ON (the home of the famous Leo Boivin) , and small towns have a special flavor in our culture and that of the NHL.

    Keep up the good work. Enjoy the ‘stress free’ playoffs. I’ll be reading you all summer, and look forward to October!

  4. Here’s who I’m cheering for, until I change my mind
    – local Ottawa Senators over Rangers
    – Capitals over hated Bruins
    – dull Devils over fanless Florida Panthers
    – whiney Penguins over butt-ugly Flyers
    – Canadian based Canucks over California Kings
    – Halak’s Blues over California Sharks
    – Blackhawks over soon to be moved Coyotes
    – well-run Red Wings over Predators

    And in the Bizarro universe where the Laffs are the only Canadian based team in the playoffs, I would cheer for them.

  5. Habsdoc, thanks a lot. I used to deliver groceries to Prescott from Ottawa.
    My wife is very understanding about my memorabilia. (even my first wife wasn’t bad about it). So I’ve been lucky. And several years ago I sold some of it on eBay and now I find myself buying some of the same back on ebay. Crazy. I can’t help it.
    Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks for tellng me. It makes me feel good.

  6. Dishonest John, if the Canucks win it all the people in Powell River will be unbearable. I might have to move.

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